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  1. I should be getting a copy of this tomorrow so will let you guys know if there's any truth to the rumours
  2. I still can't bloody sign in! I can on the app but on the actual console? Nope. Looking on Twitter it seems there's quite a few in my situation too and all we're being told is: One or two days was fair enough but come on Sony, it's been 4 (coming up to 5) days now. What the hell are they doing with everyones £40 a year? EDIT: Just as I post this it starts working again! The Sony gods were listening! EDIT EDIT: Nope, false alarm. It's still not working. Fuck off Sony.
  3. Confirmed i'll be getting this for Chrimbo so I should see you guys then
  4. What? What possible benefit would Ubisoft have in announcing the game now and pretending it was leaked? Especially after all the shit that's happened with them recently? I'm all for bashing Ubisoft when they deserve it but they've done nothing wrong here.
  5. Don't understand how you couldn't be happy with the setting tbh. I look forward to seeing what they do with Jack the Ripper
  6. I'm just surprised this post hasn't been censored yet...
  7. I'm down for this but I don't know how soon i'll get the game. Could well be Christmas at this rate!
  8. That glitch has huge parody potential
  9. 1 year already? Bloody hell. I remember the launch like it was yesterday!
  10. No, he couldn't. To say you could care less means that you do care. To say that you couldn't care less means that it is physically impossible to care any less because you don't care at all.
  11. Yeah, because a lot of people say could instead of couldn't and it really grinds my gears! It's just as infuriating as when people say brought when they mean bought. *shudder*
  12. Couldn't. You couldn't care less.
  13. The issue here is that they're limiting the PS4 because of Xbox fanbois which is a new low. The PS4 could easily output 1080p/30fps, the bone can't and as such now everyone has to suffer