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  1. EvoDube liked a post in a topic by Knock in Feedback Appreciated   
    I think it's good that you take the time to edit your content, instead of just uploading every single second of your footage. I watched a Portal 2 video, and I didn't think it was bad at all. Another thing that adds to it is that you two make jokes and can laugh at each other and whatnot. Like when your friend told the turret "you're gonna sit your ass in the corner" and you were laughing.
    I would watch more of your content, but I barely even watch Let's Plays. From what I can tell though, you would be as good as most out there. If not better. I think you should keep your friend in your videos, because when there's more than one person I think the video becomes more interesting.
    I don't really like it too much (normally) when somebody is talking to themself in a Let's Play. << That is a personal preference though.
    EDIT: I just re-watched it. the turret part where Token was trying to die was funny lol
  2. CaptainKickass69 liked a post in a topic by EvoDube in So how many people got there PS4's   
    Got mine last tuesday. Not a problem at all with it.