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  1. I watched Nova, from the creatures, play this game from start to finish. It was certainly a game that had me gritting my teeth with anxiety and suspense. I love horror games like this where it's a survival horror but it also goes into the psychological side of how other people are dealing with it. Either way, great game hands down, one of the best exclusives ever, even if I had played it before I would still buy this one. My only question is, was the multiplayer any good?
  2. I'm very nervous about this. It all depends on the team behind it really. When it comes to indie games, which this probably is due to it having a kickstarter, they shouldn't really develop games similar to games that big developers make. Big developers make big games because they are big. If the team can handle it, make it polished, and NOT give up on it, then it could turn out really awesome. However, there have been games before (can't remember names) that have made something similar to this and ultimately gave up.
  3. No doubt it is p2w, but from my days as a PC gamer I can say that it isn't that bad. You are truly only supposed to buy the gun(s) you REALLY want and the attachments you REALLY want, which if you permabuy it, should only cost roughly 20 bucks. From there, the joy of the game comes from simply grinding, because it's not so much a grind anymore since most things you want are small. The renting system helps. You can put small amounts into things you want for now until you can actually afford to buy it.
  4. Withastick... surely you jest. Vegeta's Japanese voice actor was horrendous after watching english dub of DBZ my whole life.
  5. Half-life 3 ... Bahaha! hahaha! In all realistic seriousness, i'd probably have to go with Far Cry 4
  6. the way I beat him was to simply go up and down the tower. Throw bombs, when he jumps up, climb down, when he jumps down, climb back up. I finished him by jumping on him with a downward thrust. That epic final blow was worth the cheap tactics,
  7. Rejoice! Akira finally got the licensing for english dub complete and it's in the works!
  8. Honestly, Aragorn, I can see why you feel cheated, but let me just point out that that wasn't meant to happen. In reality, the broken wall bit there was for players who were fast enough could dodge at the right moment and have him fall to his death. Otherwise, you'd have to kill him with your own hands. I never felt that what you call "cheaty tactics" were cheaty at all. I like to think about it this way. Back in the good old days of gaming, we often died a lot, and boss battles were of course the hardest of things. Back in the day we used to ask "how do we kill it?! Where is it's weak points?!" and those cheaty tactics reminded me of playing games in the past where there was multiple ways to beat the beast that you never considered before. Dark souls is hard and grueling, no doubt, but it's all about community. They wanted you to feel stuck and feel like "I really have to level up my character, a lot!" because they figured you'd say "this is taking to long, there has to be another way" in which there was usually. It's a bit of a tribute in that way to games of old where you had that one friend who beat the game twice who could help you, since google had no answers, or for some, didn't even exist yet. I really liked dark souls, and I never really felt robbed. The game had a lot of hard moments, but with such an amazing sense of self-reward. The battles took such high amounts of skill it's pretty incredible. Also, the community features, raiding, honorable battles, teaming up, it was so much fun. I loved tackling a boss with some random guy in another dimension. I also really enjoyed that you had look a lot of things up, only because games aren't challenging enough anymore, so they made a game that people who can't handle a challenge well can still enjoy thanks to the internet, but people like you and me who do enjoy a challenge can do by ourselves with maybe one or two friends for help. I hope this gave you a different perspective on it. Are you new to the game, or have you played it before?
  9. So, out of curiosity, was I the only one as a kid who loved the hell out of collecting DBZ action figures? I found a few in a box in my basement today and gave them to my niece and nephew, who have never even heard of DBZ, but hey, t least they enjoy fighting with them, haha.
  10. Dethklok, Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Opeth, Children of Bodom a bit, Mors Principium Est, devildriver, SKELETONWITCH, Slayer, 3 inches of blood, Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Black Guard, Brendon Small, Iced Earth, In Flames, Manowar, Tyr, Emperor, Brocas Helm, Dragonforce, White and Rob Zombie. Obviously the classics like Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Motorhead, Judas Priest, etc. etc.
  11. I trust Akira Toriyama to make a great show if people let him.
  12. I honestly hate the online. Free roam is horrible, you can't kill other players but you can blow up their cars and prevent them from getting up, which is twice as annoying in reality, since you can't stop them by killing them. Invading is a good concept on paper but it's very lackluster. There is no uniqueness to it, it is the same thing about each time and can be incredibly annoying when I am trying to go to the store and I can't because I am getting hacked. I was so disappointed by the online. If they made it so you could play poker, do drinking games, play darts, etc. in the online, it would be so much fun. You can't however. In fact, your friends can't even see what your guy looks like! There is no customization in the long run. You get generic cars and you play generic game modes. The game is old-gen, doesn't deserve to be called a next-gen game, and isn't going to compete at all once GTA V comes out for ps4. Not to bash on the game, it's fun, but my expectations were a little to high for me to enjoy it anymore. To be fair, this is the one game that I had full rights to have high expectations for, especially when games like GTA V raised the stakes. My guess is Ubisoft didn't expect a GTA V for next-gen, and as such, figured people would enjoy watch dogs or a long, long time because they have no other options. My guess is Rockstar waited to see how watch dogs turned out before they even decided to announce GTA V for next gen. So in a way, Watch Dogs being an "ok" game allowed for GTA V to come to next-gens. To all of you who actually love the multiplayer, I envy you I wish this was a game I could seriously get into. If Ubisoft did justice by the game and did some overhauling of the multiplayer, i'd love that!
  13. I am very annoyed that I don't have a ps3. PS3 is getting all of the games I wanted to play but didn't have the money to purchase. Haha.
  14. Oh, and, I hated SSJ4. They tried to connect with the whole ape look with it, considering the Sayians can transform into apes, but it made absolutely no sense to me. They go from blonde hair to monkey in one ascension. And, a little note I forgot to put in. It is possible for there to be a SSJ4, SSJ5, SSJ2073 in the new DBZ series if there is one. Goku needed the sayians help to achieve SSJ God, and it's very possible that in order fro him to do it alone, he will need to achieve other super sayian ranks. He obviously hasn't achieved him yet, and this could be an explanation as to why he isn't powerful enough to kill beesu, but he can be in time.
  15. Just enjoyed myself an ice, cold sigh of relief. You are right, there is a lot of character development to be had there. It is going to be quite interesting to see how goku and friends achieve the level of power they need to achieve SSJ God alone. (minuscule spoilers, if any) So, this leads me ot a new theory I have about the upcoming game. I am guessing that that is in fact Gohan and he, in the future, was given SSJ God powers by the Sayians because they haven't been able to achieve it alone. Gohan knows that defeat is inevitable, because the god of death has full plans to kill him now, so instead he decides to go back in time to train all the sayians early on so that by the time the events transpire in the future, their power levels are three times higher than before. So, either (assuming this theory is correct) you play through the entire story like normal, up until you play as gohan going back in time, and then you play an alternate (but canon) timeline where they are training to become strong enough to take on Beesu and the rest of the gods of death. This would be awesome! or... They strip it down to complete garbage, have you play like normal only until the goku-vegeta fight and then Gohan interrupts and you play the alternate timeline right away with even more button mashing than before (every single attack is all grouped into one button and your guy chooses which attack he wants to do xD)