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  1. The Angry Joe Store should start selling Badass Seals of Approval in sticker form to put on all the games that joe gives a Badass Seal of Approval to. Not only would this look awesome, and connect us with our supreme leader even more, but it would be nice awareness towards Angry Joe. Imagine that you are about to play Destiny when your friend notices the Badass Seal of Approval on it and says "Woa, that's cool, who is this guy?" BAM! 2 weeks later we have ourselves another brother (or sister) in the AJSA. Angry Joe could also give discounts on the day he releases a review of a game worthy of a Badass Seal of Approval. If you'd buy this, please leave a like and be sure to provide feedback.
  2. This isn't as much of a suggestion as it is a call to arms, or, likes in reality. I notice that even the most popular pages have 1-2 likes, if any. This is not a good thing. Everyone here at AJSA should take the time to like a post if they are in agreeence with it, especially when it comes to posts about suggestions. This will help strengthen the community. While it might be the slightest of things, it still helps distinct certain posters and specific posts out from others. So, if you agree with me, please do leave a like and some feedback.
  3. I watched Nova, from the creatures, play this game from start to finish. It was certainly a game that had me gritting my teeth with anxiety and suspense. I love horror games like this where it's a survival horror but it also goes into the psychological side of how other people are dealing with it. Either way, great game hands down, one of the best exclusives ever, even if I had played it before I would still buy this one. My only question is, was the multiplayer any good?
  4. I'm very nervous about this. It all depends on the team behind it really. When it comes to indie games, which this probably is due to it having a kickstarter, they shouldn't really develop games similar to games that big developers make. Big developers make big games because they are big. If the team can handle it, make it polished, and NOT give up on it, then it could turn out really awesome. However, there have been games before (can't remember names) that have made something similar to this and ultimately gave up.
  5. No doubt it is p2w, but from my days as a PC gamer I can say that it isn't that bad. You are truly only supposed to buy the gun(s) you REALLY want and the attachments you REALLY want, which if you permabuy it, should only cost roughly 20 bucks. From there, the joy of the game comes from simply grinding, because it's not so much a grind anymore since most things you want are small. The renting system helps. You can put small amounts into things you want for now until you can actually afford to buy it.
  6. Withastick... surely you jest. Vegeta's Japanese voice actor was horrendous after watching english dub of DBZ my whole life.
  7. Half-life 3 ... Bahaha! hahaha! In all realistic seriousness, i'd probably have to go with Far Cry 4
  8. the way I beat him was to simply go up and down the tower. Throw bombs, when he jumps up, climb down, when he jumps down, climb back up. I finished him by jumping on him with a downward thrust. That epic final blow was worth the cheap tactics,
  9. Rejoice! Akira finally got the licensing for english dub complete and it's in the works!
  10. Honestly, Aragorn, I can see why you feel cheated, but let me just point out that that wasn't meant to happen. In reality, the broken wall bit there was for players who were fast enough could dodge at the right moment and have him fall to his death. Otherwise, you'd have to kill him with your own hands. I never felt that what you call "cheaty tactics" were cheaty at all. I like to think about it this way. Back in the good old days of gaming, we often died a lot, and boss battles were of course the hardest of things. Back in the day we used to ask "how do we kill it?! Where is it's weak points?!" and those cheaty tactics reminded me of playing games in the past where there was multiple ways to beat the beast that you never considered before. Dark souls is hard and grueling, no doubt, but it's all about community. They wanted you to feel stuck and feel like "I really have to level up my character, a lot!" because they figured you'd say "this is taking to long, there has to be another way" in which there was usually. It's a bit of a tribute in that way to games of old where you had that one friend who beat the game twice who could help you, since google had no answers, or for some, didn't even exist yet. I really liked dark souls, and I never really felt robbed. The game had a lot of hard moments, but with such an amazing sense of self-reward. The battles took such high amounts of skill it's pretty incredible. Also, the community features, raiding, honorable battles, teaming up, it was so much fun. I loved tackling a boss with some random guy in another dimension. I also really enjoyed that you had look a lot of things up, only because games aren't challenging enough anymore, so they made a game that people who can't handle a challenge well can still enjoy thanks to the internet, but people like you and me who do enjoy a challenge can do by ourselves with maybe one or two friends for help. I hope this gave you a different perspective on it. Are you new to the game, or have you played it before?
  11. So, out of curiosity, was I the only one as a kid who loved the hell out of collecting DBZ action figures? I found a few in a box in my basement today and gave them to my niece and nephew, who have never even heard of DBZ, but hey, t least they enjoy fighting with them, haha.
  12. Dethklok, Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Opeth, Children of Bodom a bit, Mors Principium Est, devildriver, SKELETONWITCH, Slayer, 3 inches of blood, Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Black Guard, Brendon Small, Iced Earth, In Flames, Manowar, Tyr, Emperor, Brocas Helm, Dragonforce, White and Rob Zombie. Obviously the classics like Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Motorhead, Judas Priest, etc. etc.
  13. It's great to finally be a member of the AJSA! I have been a long time supporter of Angry Joe and his impressive accomplishments, such as a successful youtube channel, the most amazing and informative reviews and interviews, his comedic approach as well as an entire organization dedicated to gaming excellence and gaming community. I am 17 of age, born and raised here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I've been a gamer with severe insomnia for about a good 10 years, dating back to my first sonic the hedgehog video game. I live in a small town, I play and love the sport of football, I like to write short stories (and am currently working on a novel), and I play the guitar (heavy metal of course.) I am here to help represent the ps4 community. I used to be a PC gamer, but it was too much for me to maintain with a busy schedule. I also used to be an xbox 360 user, so respect to all my microsoft brethren, but I now only own a ps4. I am hoping to be active in the ps4 AJSA community and to help make it richer and more unified. I hope to participate in all Ps4 events and to help expand the community greatly. These forums are a bit confusing to me at the moment, trying to figure out what events are for what, and trying to figure out who is playing what game and when, but I am sure I will catch on soon enough. My preferred gaming genres are: shooters (Battlefield and Destiny), puzzle games (Meatboy and Braid), MMos more or less (ESO, War Frame, and PS2, War Thunder in a way), Indies (All of the Above), and especially open world games (GTAV and Watch Dogs) I hope to help out the community in any way possible. Newbie Questions: How does one rank up in the AJSA?
  14. I trust Akira Toriyama to make a great show if people let him.
  15. I honestly hate the online. Free roam is horrible, you can't kill other players but you can blow up their cars and prevent them from getting up, which is twice as annoying in reality, since you can't stop them by killing them. Invading is a good concept on paper but it's very lackluster. There is no uniqueness to it, it is the same thing about each time and can be incredibly annoying when I am trying to go to the store and I can't because I am getting hacked. I was so disappointed by the online. If they made it so you could play poker, do drinking games, play darts, etc. in the online, it would be so much fun. You can't however. In fact, your friends can't even see what your guy looks like! There is no customization in the long run. You get generic cars and you play generic game modes. The game is old-gen, doesn't deserve to be called a next-gen game, and isn't going to compete at all once GTA V comes out for ps4. Not to bash on the game, it's fun, but my expectations were a little to high for me to enjoy it anymore. To be fair, this is the one game that I had full rights to have high expectations for, especially when games like GTA V raised the stakes. My guess is Ubisoft didn't expect a GTA V for next-gen, and as such, figured people would enjoy watch dogs or a long, long time because they have no other options. My guess is Rockstar waited to see how watch dogs turned out before they even decided to announce GTA V for next gen. So in a way, Watch Dogs being an "ok" game allowed for GTA V to come to next-gens. To all of you who actually love the multiplayer, I envy you I wish this was a game I could seriously get into. If Ubisoft did justice by the game and did some overhauling of the multiplayer, i'd love that!
  16. I am very annoyed that I don't have a ps3. PS3 is getting all of the games I wanted to play but didn't have the money to purchase. Haha.
  17. Oh, and, I hated SSJ4. They tried to connect with the whole ape look with it, considering the Sayians can transform into apes, but it made absolutely no sense to me. They go from blonde hair to monkey in one ascension. And, a little note I forgot to put in. It is possible for there to be a SSJ4, SSJ5, SSJ2073 in the new DBZ series if there is one. Goku needed the sayians help to achieve SSJ God, and it's very possible that in order fro him to do it alone, he will need to achieve other super sayian ranks. He obviously hasn't achieved him yet, and this could be an explanation as to why he isn't powerful enough to kill beesu, but he can be in time.
  18. Just enjoyed myself an ice, cold sigh of relief. You are right, there is a lot of character development to be had there. It is going to be quite interesting to see how goku and friends achieve the level of power they need to achieve SSJ God alone. (minuscule spoilers, if any) So, this leads me ot a new theory I have about the upcoming game. I am guessing that that is in fact Gohan and he, in the future, was given SSJ God powers by the Sayians because they haven't been able to achieve it alone. Gohan knows that defeat is inevitable, because the god of death has full plans to kill him now, so instead he decides to go back in time to train all the sayians early on so that by the time the events transpire in the future, their power levels are three times higher than before. So, either (assuming this theory is correct) you play through the entire story like normal, up until you play as gohan going back in time, and then you play an alternate (but canon) timeline where they are training to become strong enough to take on Beesu and the rest of the gods of death. This would be awesome! or... They strip it down to complete garbage, have you play like normal only until the goku-vegeta fight and then Gohan interrupts and you play the alternate timeline right away with even more button mashing than before (every single attack is all grouped into one button and your guy chooses which attack he wants to do xD)
  19. This is an absolute outrage to me. Sony was my obvious next-gen (current-gen) choice with the Ps4 being obviously better than the Xbox One as far as hardware goes, but Sony has been giving us the rear end of the stick for some time now. It's been more than six months or so since the release of the Ps4, and we still don't have the following: Supported youtube appability to play music from a different source than music unlimitedability to play videos from a different source than video unlimited and the PS storeability to download new backgrounds and profile pictures (unless you have a ps3)PS Vita set as a compatible Ps4 device (self explanatory) Yet again we are receiving a pretty bad end of the stick here. 15 dollars a month makes perfect sense, if it were a rental system similar to netflix where the games were set up on a buffet for you to enjoy. However, there is one main reason I am calling this a total BS move by Sony. This shows that the technology exists for us to be able to download the games on the Ps4 like we do with Ps4 games! Basically, as a means to make money, they've elected to ignore the concept of having old games available on the Ps4 market and instead have it on a giant server for people to pay mass amounts of money for. Sure, I understand, the concept of having these games available as downloadable ps4 titles does require a tad bit of extra work, but that is a very, very minuscule amount. Think about this concept: They were able to port BOTH sonic adventure titles to the xbox 360. Yes, a game-cube game was very easily ported to the xbox 360, and I believe the dev time was less than a month (impressive considering they didn't even have a full team working on it) We exist in a world where people are literally porting ps3 and xbox 360 games to the PC. Individual people are responsible for this, not teams of devs. So the fact Sony is trying to tell us that it's easier this way and they don't have the resources to port all the old games over is an outrage, plain and simple. EDIT: When I said porting ps3 and xbox 360 games to the PC, I am referring to roms and emulators. Which goes to show another point, PS1 PS2 games were also emulated. I won't be wasting my money unless the model changes.
  20. Oh, I don't feel it is just one character. I am sure it is a new story none the less, my point was I doubt it is a continuation of the story, and instead it is a new story where time travelers are altering the past for whatever reason, since that guy went back to the past when goku and vegeta fought, not Goku as a SSJ God. I'm kind of fearful for a new series. In the original DBZ, there was a lot of character development going on, seeing each character get stronger and achieve a new level of super sayian. To be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of the whole "fushion" characters, but I know others loved them. However, if there was a new series, there wouldn't be as much character development. Goku is a Sayian God, there isn't new levels of ability for him to reach really, and if this guy really is Gohan, i'd be a bit annoyed that he somehow skipped SSJ3 and went straight to super sayian god with such ease basically. Personally I hated how DB:GT played out, but for one critical reason: Goten. I was really, really hoping way back however long ago it was that when DBZ was done and over with, a new series would follow Goten. Obviously his dad would be dead by now, and his older brother would be just a bit older. Basically, it'd be interesting to see how Gohan and Goten, when older, would sort of react to having to pick up Goku's role as defender of earth and the weak. Goten would be the main protagnist, alongside everyone else who would be alive at the time. There would be some actual character development here because Goten neveer achieved SSJ3 by himself, only as Gotenks. Either way, DB:GT crushed this dream. I hope DBZ comes to netflix soon. I haven't watched the show in years and I am almost positive if I watched it again there'd be things I didn't remember or notice before.
  21. I hadn't even considered it hinting at a new Dragon Ball Z series. That reminds me, I want to rewatch all the dragon ball Z episodes and relive my childhood a bit. To me it seems like this game is going to be a bit more about an alternate timeline sort of scenario, hence why he interrupted an early DBZ fight. This isn't what I was hoping for. I really wanted to see a continuation from Battle of Z (which i've never seen due to it's lack of dub. Hate vegeta's voice in the sub) It's obvious either way that the creator of DBZ wants it to succeed. I mean, he drew SSJ4 concept that was used in GT, and obviously there is a new movie out. My biggest question is this. The sales keep dropping and dropping and dropping, yet, they are still being funded to make frequent Dragon Ball games. Are they truly trying their best and simply failing? I mean come on, the combat system in the previous game was button mashing, no combos. As far as fighters go in general, the previous DBZ had one poor element that had potential. It's card system that you could attach to individual people. Fighting games should start adding the ability to change things about the character's fighting. As you play online, I feel you should unlock new weapons to use, new skins, new combos (you could have like a combo slot of 20 and you can pick and choose which ones you want to use for a match), and so on. Mortal Kombat X has something like this with each character having 3 fighting styles to choose from, that way even when Sub Zero might fight Sub Zero, both would have different combos and techniques. Still, there should exist unlockables that change play style. That's just my two cents. It's nice to see other people who love DBZ as much as I do!
  22. I have been a huge dragon ball fan all my life. I first watched DBZ as a kid, and I remember even getting into fist fights with my sisters because they wanted to watch their show instead of the weekly installment of DBZ. Later on when I was about 12 I went back and watched about ten episodes of DragonBall, but I ended up stopping. To this day I consider watching the rest of it. My biggest concern with the game is how horrible the last one was. Not only did the party system suck, and not only did the characters lack (I mean, come on, you couldn't ascend, you had to start as Super Sayian whoever!), but there was such a HUGE lack of story. Rarely were there cut scenes, and if an outsider who never heard of DBZ played the game, he'd be so confused, as opposed to the original games like Budokai (if my memory serves me right) where it actually gave a narrative and had great cutscenes. Biggest lackluster moment in gaming history was when you realized you had to do a seperate mission to fight freiza as starting out as Super Sayian, instead of actually ascending there and then and feeling like a balls to the wall badass. If this game at least has 1v1 combat instead of a party system, and follows older DBZ games as a model, and features an actual narrative story, I will put my money down right away/ Heck, I might even buy a Super Sayain God edition if it existed. I love DBZ to death, and this game could have amazing potential if they did their job right. I wouldn't mind a party system existed, but i'd truly prefer some spectacular KOTH style multiplayer, because the whole free roam map doesn't cut it for me. The only reason I finished the last game was because I got it on my Vita for a road trip. I will say one thing positive so far. The last game had terrible player models that reminded me of plastic. This one, however, has sort of a anime look and feel to it so far. Either way, excited as hell, but don't wanna get my hopes up!
  23. Everything makes a lot more sense to me now that you mention that there was prior confusion on where to post about Planetside 2 for consoles. I will be sure to post this again later when Destiny comes out. I have no doubt Joe will support the game, as he made it quite clear in his interview with one of the bungie dev's, but of course his primary concern was for a PC version. Thanks for the feedback.
  24. There is currently a sub-forum for an upcoming game, within the next six months, called planetside 2. Meanwhile, however, there is another amazing game which will have beta access in 3 1/2 weeks, with it's release in less than three months! Destiny An ambitious game no doubt. Angry Joe's interview with Bungie shows us that there will be spectacular guild support! I feel there should be an entire sub-forum created right away so that we may start organizing things in advanced. This is very, very crucial! If we organize for the beta, we can start to fix some rough edges with how we organized our group. Please leave a like if you like the idea, and share some feedback.
  25. Perhaps it was just my individual experience. I checked on multiple pages featuring suggestions and most only had one or two likes, despite there being dozens of replies and more than 30 some views. This gave off the impression to me that people simply didn't like the idea, but then, I noticed it as a pattern on a lot of other posts.