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Shadow Paladin

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  1. Berserker liked a post in a topic by Shadow Paladin in All AJSA members, please start liking posts!   
    This isn't as much of a suggestion as it is a call to arms, or, likes in reality.
    I notice that even the most popular pages have 1-2 likes, if any. This is not a good thing. Everyone here at AJSA should take the time to like a post if they are in agreeence with it, especially when it comes to posts about suggestions.

    This will help strengthen the community. While it might be the slightest of things, it still helps distinct certain posters and specific posts out from others.

    So, if you agree with me, please do leave a like and some feedback.
  2. Shadow Paladin liked a post in a topic by Jinzuro in AJSA Wallet   
    I certainly wouldn't mind have a AJSA wallet to make even the minimal amount of cash I have on me bad ass approved.
  3. Shadow Paladin liked a post in a topic by ... in AJSA wristbands?   
    what does everyone think? I'm leaning toward the thin rubber kind not the cotton ones haha. apologies in advance if this is already produced, i don't remember seeing this kind of thing in the store that's all.
  4. Shadow Paladin liked a post in a topic by Sporical in AJSA themed Headsets anyone?   
    So, I was think of how cool it would be to have an Angry Army "Tactical" Headset that Joe could sell. Imagine a, lets use a Razor headset for example:

    (not trying to promote Razor guis)
    It would glow on the mic piece and on the sides, except it would glow red and the sides instead of having the razor symbol, it would be the symbol of the Angry Army! I don't know, it sounded really awesome to me and I would for sure pre-order that thing! What do you guys think?