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Everything posted by undeadslayer4

  1. Ok first of all why is it even 20 minutes, i expected to 50 mins. And why did it take 2 years for them to make another crossover
  2. So from what i heard there's used to be a CEO in EA that didn't care about anyone and only cared about money. Now that he has been fired and 3 years has past still no improvement. Does it take time for them to recover cause I heard now that people now want to work there. Which i keep asking myself why would that even happen????
  3. I asking because for the last decade and a half there have been some great games and anime but theres always going to be some idiot who doesnt even try to stay true its source material like M Night Shaylamalan (correct me if i typed it wrong) , doesn't know what anime and video games are and just fuck everything why cant a fan of the game or anime just make the movie not some hollywood douchbag who just wants ur money like JJ Abrams already proved to everyone by making star wars great again even deadpool made his own comeback after origins back in 2009. Comic books movies back in the used to be shit and now there well respected thanks to Marvel by getting their shit together. I know I know Japan can't make good quality like NA (Im just assuming that maybe im wrong) but they make great games and anime that makes no sense how is it that most of Japan's anime movie adaptations are crap but not the gaming and anime industry. And there is some great channels who make great content on video games and anime that look way better than what hollywood created like Corridor digital, rooster teeth, rocket jump, machinma so can't those channels just team up and make their own adaptions of games and anime but wait thats impossible because u need like millions of dollars and movie companies supporting u. Well guess what they dont these channels have proved themselves time and time again roosterteeth just recently made their movie lazer team and angry video nerd making his movie last year and im guessing both there budgets were under a million dollars. And yes i know there are some video game movies coming out this yar like and the near future like assassins creed, world of warcraft, rachet and clank, metal gear solid, splinter cell, ghost recon, shadow of the colossus, the last of us, uncharted but how do we these ones will be good how we know the time isnt going to repeat itself
  4. Ok so first off whoever hasn't watch this movie go watch it. It is a absolute kung fu cult classic in china. However, after watching the movie just yesterday it took me some time to process just the ending. 1. Why did Zhang Ziyi jump off and fall down the mountain. Was she trying to kill herself??? 2. How come most of the characters fighting each other all of a sudden able to fight on thin branches, fly through the air, run sideways on walls, and jump across far buildings.
  5. How did u do it????
  6. Then people should steal that license from EA because they don't deserve it.
  7. Ya but why did lucas arts shutdown in the first
  8. So I'm guessing donnie yen just going to replace jet li and jackie chan??
  9. Already did the movie is like 6 hrs I think.
  10. Seriously when is Jackie Chan and Jet Li ever going to be in the same movie together it's been a while now.
  11. Seriously when is Jackie Chan and Jet Li ever going to be in a movie together. It's been a while.
  12. I'm guessing it just has to be a really really bad game of him actually rage.
  13. Honestly i would expect this to happen in something in the wolf of wall street or citizen kane. I still don't see what's the big deal here, a bunch of people from microsoft host a party. Ok I get that but why get mad when they invite a bunch of girls. Were they strippers??
  14. I honestly don't think this is a big deal things like this happen all the time in parties
  15. hurrah!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Btw, how do you make gifs in the first place??
  17. And wtf is the rolling grenade from the E3 trailer and are you still able to close car doors???
  18. Yes but pointing this out multiple times after I improved my grammar is clearly something else.
  19. Don't forget the Myth they had that stuff too. But it made sense though
  20. A lot of Chinese Kung Fu Fantasy movie characters can jump high, run on walls and such. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, being one such movie is no different. If you have Netflix, they have the sequel on there. Heard it's a disappointment
  21. Also a few months ago a cop (I think this was in South Carolina) flips a girl off her desk and drags her out of the classroom and gets arrested. Only because she refused to get off her phone (quadruple facepalm). This is bullshit was she starting a brawl with other students or assaulting the teacher?? No, what if she refused because someone she knew died. What if there was zombie apocalypse or a fu**ing 9.4 earthquake for crying out loud. Do the teacher or the principal give a f*ck NO why would they, there're f*cking idiots who don't know what child abuse is. However this is not the first time a school incident like this happened.