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  1. Alright, you've been added!
  2. Hey just as an update, I've decided to add a third section to the application list that basically contains anyone who provides something that can't be replaced by building; the ability to code, use redstone, support the server, etc. If you have anything you think will help the server in a big way, just post here or pm me and if it belongs in the list I'll be sure to update it. You're definitely on the team/3rd list, I knew I would need a programmer for this to work and seeing as my skills are pretty beginner level (and atrophied at that) you will be perfect. Congrats, you're a part of the list! (As soon as a server is running there will be a separate section of the map for sifting through applicants to find good builders. I know but there really isn't anything I can do unless I create a separate poll on this forum and I don't want to do that, this thread is near the top of the list and has to have been seen by now. Well when you get the game be sure to test your skills as a builder, you've been added to the unconfirmed list of applicants.
  3. You've added ti the list of volunteers so if and when a server is assigned to this game I'll let you know.
  4. Yeah same here, but since this isn't planned to have game changing mods (maybe games, just trying to get it a poll atm) it shouldn't be as bad as the FTB servers out there.
  5. What about lag/ram usage? I know Warframe causes me tons (sometimes gets down to 1 fps) and in a game like this that would be very...compromising. Also, try and edit the first comment to match the requirements otherwise put this topic elsewhere. From what I know this forum is specifically for getting a game official support.
  6. A little worried that the whole "early access" thing would eventually get one or more of the servers wiped (when they come of course), which is any and every builder's nightmare. EDIT: Also, this game has already been requested and put down for not having a multiplayer.
  7. Sorry could you define "TS"? I'm sure many people already know what it means, but for the people who don't (including myself) this article is a little hard to understand.
  8. So I don't know if you guys noticed...A FUCKING FOUNDER WANTS MINECRAFT! Is it that hard to scroll through a page to see if there are pre-existing topics? I can understand if you come on for the games and don't actually want to speak on the forum, but if you're going to make a topic, make sure it hasn't already been made! God! That's my rant over, how has your day been?
  9. As far as experience goes we have more than enough volunteers to be sifted through. Support is also plentiful. All we need is a suitable poll and then a suitable server.
  10. Thanks for the comment
  11. This seems like a good idea for the Angry Army, you've got my vote.
  12. I like the idea of becoming infected and turning into a zombie. Do you get to control that zombie though?
  13. Lol no kidding, the experience is summed up by that Yogscast spotlight video. That aside this game (from what I remember) requires a lot of tweaking. Aside from boredom without music there isn't (again from what I remember) a lot to do unless your an extremely patient builder willing to mine hundreds of asteroids and planets, sell the resources and make a big ship.
  14. Not to mention there is an actual Elder Scrolls online now so...
  15. Requiring a joy stick is a pro and con; con for obvious reasons but pro because who DOESN'T want to fly a plane (albeit fake) like that?!