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lietenet captain ben

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  • Birthday 12/09/1994

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    Ignoring the "swag" boys and girls who let guys grope them at the us open. Perfer playing games and making movies, and already trying to improve myself better in life
  1. Thewanderer1800 Games im playing Battlefield 4, Destiny 2,Tom Clancys the division, Titanfall 2
  2. Anyone wanna exchange nintendo network ids and/ or 3ds friend codes?
  3. ben requesting permission to join ryls 8690
  4. I am TheWanderer1800 on ps4. Just keep me up to date with what the armies up to and play it. Also I'm already part of the ajsa destiny group! Yay!!
  5. Psn. Thewanderer1800 currently playing warframe and killzone shadowfaal yped for (bear with me) Destiny,Dragon Age Inquisition, Gta 5, Batman arkham knight, The witcher 3, no mans sky, minecraft, planetside 2, tom clancys the division PS4 owner.
  6. count me in too. But first we need an official release date for the game.
  7. So would it be pc only or would ps4 owners be able to have our own ajsa clan. I dunno if the pc version and ps4 version share clans
  8. For me only a couple of days then ill be on vacation.
  9. Well I have been inspired by angry joe to make my own youtube videos and perhaps start streaming on twitch. If you see me ill probably be dressed in a collared shirt and tie with a snapback. So far, ive been accepted to play planetside 2 on ps4 with some members, and maybe in the future ill be so popular on youtube that I might meet up with Commander Joe himself. If I do stream, itll probably be any ps4 game and path of exile. For my first youtube reviews, I will cover Roger Rabbit nes, Home alone Nes, uniracer snes, True lies snes, and the sega arcade nano console. Because of the stupid google plus rule, my real name is the channel name. On twitch though, I am thewanderer1800, an adventurer of good games. And of all the things in the world, the two things I hate the most are boys who talk about sex like jerks even though they are virgins or too young for sex, and girls who manipulate guys either because they like their money or dick size. In other words sluts. If anyone lives in California near Huntington beach, we should invade the US open of surfing where there are many idiot boys and slutty girls, and show them all why the Angry Army dominates the world. (Actually Disney dominates us. They are advertising on the site but you get the idea). Lets make the world smart again, not just gaming wise, but overall more intelligent. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!
  10. GGGeyuhh just help me out brosephs. im gonna do a review show like avgn or jontron, and also stream ps4 and path of exile on twitch. SO ok yeah ill totally help you get a date to the dance if you check me out. I know you have a thing for Betty Copper!
  11. War for cybertron mission 9, best transformers gaming moment
  12. I am a new member of the angry army. And I am proud to ask for a position as a light assault troop in Planetside 2. My psn is Thewanderer1800. Also I would like to bring up an issue with the angry army. The ps now beta is in effect, and the pricings are downright insane for rentals. Please relay this concern to the higher powers.