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    Well I have made my full round of the current gen hardware and now I have settled on the Xbox One. I had a Wii U, my daughter killed it with a juice box, then I had a PS4 but a MLG Player friend of mine needed it because of COD. So we made a clean swap
  1. I played it this morning for 7 hrs straight.... This may be my new favorite game ever
  2. The alpha has turned any of my bad feelings about the game into good ones. Boy howdy the lip syncing is bad
  3. I have been looking forward to this game for a while. It will be in the game preview area of the Store. And it will cost $34.99 but you will get a free upgrade to its final release in June 2016. It's a day one purchase for me. Who else?
  4. It solely depends on Internet speed my 200 mbps service downloads games and patches very quickly
  5. I am a cable cutter and as such use Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. However on my Xbox One I am looking for help to activate the FXNOW app. I usually use my sisters dish network account for these things. But it's not one of the services eligible for FXNOW. So I am looking for help please help a brother out lol
  6. That's weird, then how come Assassin's Creed Black Flag was so damn good, yet it was the released after the 2nd game?
  7. I hope there isn't a Resident Evil 7. I hope the entire franchise gets a reboot and stops going so far off the tracks like 5 and 6 did.
  8. Capcom was the OG Konami. They take a big dump on the fans of the old popular franchises and see nothing wrong with it.
  9. Happy Birthday
  10. I would literally rather get punted in my balls then play Destiny ever again
  11. I have been able to play several matches and I like it better than I thought I would. However it doesn't feel like a $60 game, maybe a $20 Download at best.
  12. Metal Gear Solid V doesn't have a story. Its just a random group of cutscenes spread out through too much repetitive gameplay. There is no spoilers unless you count Quite needing to be a slut to breath a spoiler?
  13. Thank you Captain Obvious Unless you opt-in on the Xbox Preview Dashboard, some have received it this past weekend