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The Nemesis Malkavian

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    My name is Lester Ramos, and I go by different names (NemesisTrestkon on Screwattack is one of them) but in here, I like to be called the Malkavian (cause Malks are crazy). I live in the Philippines, I have been a PC gamer ever since I was around 3, starting with id Software shareware games like Commander Keen, Wolf3D and eventually Doom and Quake. I've played my share of console games as well but when it all comes down to it, I just love PC games because of the variety it brings to me, especially when it comes to Role-Playing Games.

    Speaking of RPGs, I play tons of them from your Final Fantasys, Baldur's Gates, Fallouts and all that good stuff. But my favorite RPGs thus far are:

    1. Deus Ex 1 and Human Revolution
    2. Guild Wars 2
    3. Wasteland 2
    4. Borderlands 2
    5. Planescape: Torment
    6. Numenera (not a video game, but still and RPG)

    In addition to RPGs, I tend to play a couple of shooters and strategy games as well, with my favorites being Half Life 2 and Starcraft 2 respectively.

    I joined the Angry Joe Army because I wanted to be a part of their guild in Guild Wars 2. And while they are the only guild I got right now, I think I am really happy to just stick to them for the time being.
  1. Poster's note: Not sure if plugging in referrals is okay. If not, let me know. Hey guys! I was wondering if you wanna get into Heroes of the Storm with a free starting hero or two. Feel free to click this link: https://battle.net/recruit/RZ8GXFWKRD What's in it for you guys? Logging in will get you a free Jim Raynor hero plus a 5-day Stimpack which can boost character progression and gold. Reach Level 10 and you receive a Sylvanas hero. What's in it for me? If a referred player reaches level 10, I get a Refer-A-Friend Portrait. If 4 referrals get into it, I get a free Vulure bike mount. This post is also a way of spreading the word.
  2. Hey guys. I go by Zarxxis #1751. And I am in need of people who can help me be good at Abathur.
  3. Hey guys. I am having trouble getting to the AJSA Teamspeak channel. No matter what I try, I just couldn't connect.
  4. Well, I suppose it's too late for this but here's hoping Joe could help in providing closed beta invites to the guild.
  5. Expansion definitely confirmed. Extremely excited.
  6. What really made me raise an eyebrow is that why did Rytlock say that towards Sylvari. I mean, he has fought alongside Caithe and I know he has been away for so long since Dragon's Reach. But still, what brought about this change in him? And considering that line he just said, does that mean he wouldn't hesitate to kill Caithe?
  7. Count me in. I missed out on the gathering last time. I'll make sure to show up.
  8. I like to look at two outcomes to the announcement in a positive light. If Heart of Thorns is an expansion, then I can see more major content for this game. More PvE stuff for me to do and more. If it's a new season, I'd be just as good with it and at the very least, I save money.
  9. Thought I'd share it with you guys. Sorry if it's a little too large. Once again, we did well in contributing our fair share and we hope we can make a bigger presence so that our names will be on this poster in the future.
  10. I bought more stuff today. I got me the noble outfit, and a shit ton of candy.
  11. Count me in.
  12. Just spoke with the Guild Leader and some modifications will be made to the rules: 1. The gifts must be worth 1600 gems or less. Name whatever item you wish to have on the forums here. 2. If you guys want to participate, simply add in your username in the GW2 format (i.e. Malkavian.4516). I'll inform you of who you'll be giving your Secret Santa present via the game. 3. I'll be extending this to the entire guild. In other words, both EU and NA chapters of the AJSA guild can participate. Just be sure to add in which chapter of the guild you are a part of.
  13. I bought me the following items this month: 1. Raiments of the Lich 2. The Minion Gathering tools 3. Witch's Outfit 4. Mad King's Outfit 5. Bloody Prince's Outfit 6. Magic Carpet And here I wondered why I never go past 180 gold when I play.
  14. Rambo definitely gets my vote. It could have been a generic FPS/TPS but nooooo...it had to be an on-rails shooter with QTEs and dialogued ripped straight out of the DVDs. >
  15. Like I said, 35 dollars is the maximum amount. You could just get an item that costs lower than that if you want.