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  1. Congratz on your retirement ^_^....
  2. Hmmmmmm so whos still playing and whos going to buy morrowind?....
  3. Cant w8 ^_^.....
  4. If your a veteran of the game who cant find anyone to play with or a newcomer who is teetering on getting ESO because no one you know plays ESO, now you have no need to worry. We are not the official guild but we are all AJSA members. If you would like to join please leave a message here or contact mmonjaras, me or DoctorPainMD on the PS4. If you do contact us please notify us your AJSA. Hope to see you in-game...... - We are in NA Server - Daggerfall Covenenant - The game has no subscription fees
  5. GNO cuz you know!!!!!!!!
  6. GNS
  7. Angry Rogue Army: -We all go into the darkzone and create chaos not only to npc's but other players as well. -Groups of 4 - All of us in a party or wear a red jacket/spray paint our guns green to show were on the same side? Hows it sound?
  8. PC Version?
  9. Id : Inticari Willing to join the ajsa rooms and community Own a PS4 Mostly playing bloodborne/The division as of now Looking forward to No mans sky!
  10. It eill be fun to be in a rocket league tournament for the community on PS4.
  11. add me plz psn: Inticari
  12. Just started add me psn: Inticari
  13. Request sent
  14. Thank you guys for the help... Ill see you guys in game soon!
  15. $3k is my budget. I'm looking into the current mmorpgs and upcoming games. No cosmetics just want it to run strong and hard for a good while.