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  1. aryan-12 liked a post in a topic by Inticari in Rocket league tournament anyone?   
    It eill be fun to be in a rocket league tournament for the community on PS4.
  2. Inticari liked a post in a topic by Malphisto in Joe has now over 2 Million subs on YT!   
    For some odd reason I thought subscribing to someone on youtube involved money. (Not too well versed in that kind of stuff)
    After someone was nice enough to explain to me that it didn't, I went ahead and subscribed to the AJS. Though, there's still a lot about the whole youtube setup that I don't have a clue about. Joe makes a living off of doing game reviews and such, right? I don't know how that works, but I guess the subscriptions help towards that? That's actually pretty cool. Honestly, I don't think I would have it in me to do that. I've only caught a few streams he's done, and got to see the infamous "Chat" he refers to in his videos, lol
    Still, hats off to the man. Can only imagine how crazy busy his life must be. Though, I do need to ask. His job must be time consuming to an alarming degree. Does he ever get to just sit back and relax with the games? You know what I mean, like chill with a nice drink on the side and just spend hours doing essentially nothing for the pure joy of doing so. That's probably my only real concern with that kind of work, being able to just take your time with the games.
    Sorry, didn't mean to ramble on like that. Anyways, good job on hitting 2mil, bud.