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  1. Hey Fellas! Recently started watchin ANGRY JOE reviews on Youtube... ye hes funny! Gotta give it to him... but personally i wanna see more reviews! stuff he's done is good! esp. Metro Last light, enjoyed the Angry Rant! and also Hitman Absolution is pretty awesome too! BTW does anyone know any news/rumours about the next Hitman game???!?!?! Peace!
  2. Kudos on ur Beard! Hey man, how u doin!? Awesome website u got goin! Are you a fan of Racing games??? If ye, could u do me a favor and do a review on Upcoming Forza Horizon 2 please??!? pro's: 1.Good to know there's still open world racing games 2. Wanna see what cars will be available 3. What online capabilities the game has con's: 1.Dont want to spend alot of cash on something that already exists 2. errr 3. errrr Respect and Honor BL47E