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  1. I've haven't played that many Castlevaina games but my favorite was the Lord's Of Shadow series.
  2. 10 and she was your only in that Hell hole.
  3. Nier I kept playing over and over again trying to find the happy ending only to find none it is not a game for anyone with depression.
  4. Personally I like 5 more with my man Chris but yeah 4 is good.
  5. Look up gameplay of both and see if that helps according to RE fans the best game in the series so far is RE 4
  6. No I've loved what I've seen and can't wait for the game to come out I want to experience ripping demons to shreds ASAP.
  7. A hack and slash character action game made by Konami Suda51 and Platinum together.
  8. I was asking "why" the game isn't out yet.
  9. Why isn't my goddamn game about killing goddamn demons not fucking out yet give me my fucking Doom!!!
  10. Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.
  11. I like how Doom is going to have some of the retro demon designs modernized in terms of graphics also I want to have an infinite ammo cheat in this game so U could use that triple chaingun and open my very own feministmen slaughter house.
  12. It is but you could still team up with a friend and play some online game modes against bots.
  13. Yeah Anarchy Reigns they made multiplayer and there was Bayonetta 2 co op as well. Also one Scalebound trailer showed multiplayer.
  14. Hello all AJSA want to ask you all a question what games do you plan on getting for 2016 can list any game you want for any system you have can be a big release or a niche one post your answers below would love to hear from you. Also will update with my list later as I do not have time to write it yet.