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  1. Lets keep our fingers crossed that Konami dosen't stick with this trend and uses some of those awesome ip's.
  2. Welcome to the army! I truley hope you enjoy GW2 and the Guild
  3. 1. I pre-ordered a limited edition copy a while ago. 2. I will probobly go with the slow as a turtle but op great sword. The samurai style long sword is awesome. But Im first gonna use the insect rod untill I get tired of fliping in the air.
  4. The most hyped games for me are Legand of Zealda WiiU And of course ...... Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!
  5. Welcome to the site dude
  6. Curisous about the Persona series? If the anwser is yes, then buy it. If no, then still buy it. Its really good .
  7. I highly doubt that im gonna stay up the whole 24 hours( To be honest im still recovering from the GW24OP) but im totally going to join you fine fellows in Guild wars 2.
  8. I loved Dragon Age origins.Dragon age 2 was okay not great. But im really excited from inqusition
  9. Everybody gonna love them chicken nuggets! All tender and crispy. Dang im now hungry for some chicken nuggets.
  10. That was awesome!!! Thanks everyone for bring a bunch of fun to this event
  11. Holy nuts on a drum set! This is gonna rock and I cant wait to play with my fellow brothers/sisters in arms.
  12. About the taxi driver. I belive that is Prince Charming and I think this due to the uncomfterable chat he had with Snow in episode 1. In the contents of Snow Whites lore it shows that he cheated on her and that could explain the conversation.
  13. Thanks dude. I really appreciate it . I used MLR-4G9-HKD
  14. That is amazing! This is like the world cup. But with wepons...and magic...and Valve...and etc.
  15. This event sounds absolutly wonderfull. Im on The Santum of Rall server but if possible I will guest inorder to be a part in this event. My acount name is fable.1927