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  1. Flavoryleech liked a post in a topic by The Nemesis Malkavian in 24 hour mega event for GW2 - COMPLETED!   
    Here's to hoping we get more of something like this....and hopefully we can get someone who could stream an entire event for 24 hours.
  2. Flavoryleech liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in 24 hour mega event for GW2 - COMPLETED!   
    The event was a success.  There was a moderate turnout, with numbers increasing/decreasing over time, as people came and went... and came back again.
    We started the main event on time, at 1am on the 19th, in Caledon forest:

    We completed a good number of quests, explored a good amount of the world along the route and slew champions/world bosses:

    We ripped enemies apart with a wall of steel, flame and darkness:

    After 13 long, but fun hours, we reached one of the last locations for a vendor break... and we were at a crossroad:

    We chose to persist and fight all the way:

    ... and we reached the top of Mount Doom Maelstrom:

    We then hosted a PvP tournament in our very own private server, which was generously funded by the NSP alliance:

    We had 12 participants in the tournament.  Tigerjack won at first place, Mars in second place and Malkavian in third place. 
    Because a number of our participants are not in NSP, we were not able to perform the Obsidian Sanctum JP race, we instead resorted to holding the JP race at one of the hardest puzzles in the game, Not So Secret JP in Gendarran Fields.  Treeps was first to reach the end of the JP!

    There and back again... by the Angry Army :-3

    Many thanks to all the people that joined us in-game (both guildies and non-guildies) and who dropped by our TS channel to give us words of encouragement.  Our special gratitude goes out to Grimno for streaming as much of the event as possible (link), to RhinoWrecks being our DJ for a while, to fellow officer Conan who set up the music bot that raised morale, to the guild staff (okito, Jebby, Toriko, Maximus, Tigerjack, Agosparti and Forsakenpanda) and to the council member covering GW2, DoctorEvil, who all helped make this event possible.
    Of all the people that came and went as they hours passed by, four members fought bravely from the beginning to the end... they did not back down and surrender... and their supply of energy drinks did not end.  These four magnificent badasses will be eternally remembered for their actions in the name of the Angry Army by being rewarded with a Badass Seal of Approval:
    - Oreyn
    - Malkavian
    - Puttymon
    - FlavoryLeech
  3. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by Flavoryleech in 24 hour mega event for GW2 - COMPLETED!   
    That was awesome!!!
    Thanks everyone for bring a bunch of fun to  this event
  4. Flavoryleech liked a post in a topic by okito in Official Guild Wars 2 NA sign up - Reply for an invite if you're committed   
    Flavoryleech You have been invited! Welcome and have fun!
  5. Flavoryleech liked a post in a topic by justin5400 in Official Guild Wars 2 NA sign up - Reply for an invite if you're committed   
    Im an dedicated player on GW2 with intention to the join no other than the best guild EVER!! (AJSA). My main character's name is Sinorie and i am on Northern silverpeaks. Also ive been watching the AJS for at least 2 to 3 years now and i love the videos that he puts out. I would be more than thankful to join this guild and show you what i can do. Thanks 

  6. HikoraShinSo liked a post in a topic by Flavoryleech in Hi Everybody! Flavory Leech   
    Hi everyone observing this journal entry, My username is Flavoryleech ( Didn't make the name, given to me by Xbox) I just joined the site and im pretty physicked to be apart of the Angry Joe Army . I am a huge fan of the reviews  and I love watching the lets plays. My buddy's at school love this channel/company/etc. and we hope to run our own show when were adults containing machinima, video games, and comedy. Until then, I plan to make my mark on the site. Have a fantastic day and I hope you enjoyed reading.