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  1. They really should nerf the supers in PvP, yeah they look cool but they are unbalanced. Sure, it looks cool when I kill 5 people at a capture point with my warlock super but it doesn't feel rewarding. Even though I killed those guys I know that the only reason why I managed to do it was because of my "I win" button. You shouldn't be able to take on an entire team by pressing a button...
  2. Did Destiny live up to it's hype? HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA...nope
  3. This will probably be remebered as one of the most dissapointing games of 2014, and it's not even a bad game, just painfully mediocre considering the massive hype behind it. I guess I have to get my shooter itch satisfied by The Master Chief Collection.
  4. Basicly this, people keep talking about how the "expansions" will fix the game and complete the story, I just find that absolutley disgusting.
  5. I could get past the non existant story but the single player missions are really what makes me hate the PvE content. They are ALL the same. Go to a place, activate something, fight of hordes of enemies, repeat. Every single story mission after earth have been this way.
  6. Hey! I'm interested in hearing of what you think about Destiny. Personally I expected more, I would give this game a 7/10 which is good, don't get me wrong here but I expected so much more. When you think about the budget this game had and the developing time put into it. I just can't stop myself from thinking "what did they do with all that time and money?". The PvE missions are really repetative "go to point A, press square for Peter Dinklage talk mode, then fight off hordes of enemies and maybe a boss that is just the same enemy you have fought 100 times before but with more hp and a fancier name". The story has to be the biggest dissapointment for me since I really liked what Bungie did in Halo in terms of story. The setting and characters of halo drew me in, Destiny fails at this miserably. The story doesn't seem focused, you are just sent around these different planets for different reasons. There's no likeable or interesting characters here at all. I like Peter Dinklage and he's good as the ghost AI thing but he's just Peter Dinklage. He's not an interesting or deep character like Tyrion from Game of Thrones, he's just Peter Dinklage telling you stuff about the mission. I think this was a wasted oppurtunity here since Peter Dinklage is a really talented actor and they could have done something really special with him. I was hoping that the Ghost would be Destiny's version of Cortana but that's sadly not the case. The multiplayer however is something that Bungie really have nailed and it's great. I like how you can combine your abilities with your teammates and it feels like every class bring something special to the table that really help the team. A good multiplayer game with a lackluster story campaign that suffered from being overhyped. What a shame
  7. People that give this game a 0/10 are trolls, nothing more. The same thing can be said about the people that give this game a 10/10. The game is okay but I expected alot more personally. I would give it a 5/10 for the PvE campaign and strike missions. I haven't been able to play much crucible since they seem to have issues with their servers, but I played alot of it in beta and if the quality of it is the same I would probably give the game 7/10. Which is okay I guess but not good enough for a game with this budget and this much time put into it. I expected more of Bungie. What a shame.
  8. "G-g-g-uys I-I-I'm serious this time, I'm leaving for good now, this is not like the 10 other times I've said I'm leaving for good!"
  9. I started to play the games when I was a minor. I have a lot of good memories with that series.
  10. He asked for fun games and the Rance series is fun, most of the earlier games are freeware now which is great. Most people that complain about the games seem to not be able to get over the fact that the main character is kind of an ass.
  11. I can see that you haven't played the earlier games, his problem is that he's got a big ego. In Sengoku Rance he's this world renowned hero so obviously he's got an even bigger ego than usual. Yes, he might be an asshole sometimes(like in the pictures you posted) but he still saves people and most of all he get's shit done. The games make fun of heroes, there's this guy in the games that could be considered the "true hero". The thing is that he's always too late to stop the bad guys since he's always busy helping people with they're problems. Rance manages to get things done since all he cares about is getting laid, not helping people. If you would compare Rance to a real life person it would probably be Gengis Khan, just like Gengis Khan he lives by his own set of rules. And just like Gengis Khan he sees sex as a reward you get after battle, not something that's consentual or nice. Unlike Gengis Khan Rance seem to have some morals since he doesn't slaughter entire populations. When I play RPGs I usually play as a cocky asshole so I wasn't too bothered by Rance tbh.
  12. Rance isn't a douchebag, he's a glorious and strong warrior that get's all the girls. Pretty impressive in my opinion.
  13. The Rance series is fun, you should start with Sengoku Rance since it's pretty much standalone from the other games and have the best gameplay. The soundtrack is pretty awesome and you never get tired of building your heroic harem, one girl at the time.
  14. You just keep spewing out subjective opinion as fact, I'm not even gonna bother. Also, Cordyceps are edible, they are used in medicines. In China they even eat them. Also the "malkavians aren't ment to be taken seriously" is complete bullshit, I have played several PnP games of VtM with people playing serious malkavians. You have either never played VtM or you have only played with "bad" malkavian players that think that insane always equals goofy and silly.
  15. Nice!