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  1. Hey y'all. I'd like to get anyone who's willing to get together for weekly(?) Smite games for an hour or two, saaay maybe Wednesdays @ 8pm Central US. Starting Dec 9 If anyone is up to it please either leave a comment here or add me on Xbox Live (PythonManiac) as a friend and shoot me a message that you're AJSA. If you don't send me a message with the friend request I will not know you are AJSA and will not add you, sorry. If you are inexperienced we are willing to teach, if not we'll go straight into whatever the group decides. If I'm forgetting anything do remind me.
  2. PythonManiac PythonManiac
  3. AND I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT HALO 5!!!!!!!!! I WAS RIGHT F***ERS!! SUCK ON MY CLAIRVOYANCE! #sadness #anger #suckitiwasright #blueteamftw #stagesofgrief
  4. CC and Damage Mage in arena, haven't played enough to really get a feel for much else unfortunately. Oh, and I suck as guardian.
  5. Battlefront is set to take place almost entirely within the Original Trilogy timeline with it leading into The Force Awakens. So no Clone Wars (maybe).
  6. I think I've figured out how to determine whether Battlefront will be good or not: It'll be all we wanted if it's as bad as Battlefront 2 was. Don't deny it, we all loved Battlefront 2. As for Rainbow Six Siege I've seen a few gameplay vids and while I like some things like the gadgets and class/operative system, it's no Rainbow Six Vegas 2.
  7. There's a Paladin? Oh HELL'S YES! That's my main! Alternatively, Scourge Warlock.
  8. I want in! GT: PythonManiac
  9. 5 bucks says that there will be server issues at launch
  10. Please note that there is a Typo on the Destiny hosts 10/18. PythonManic should be PythonManiac. Erm, sorry for the confusion.
  11. My GT is PythonManiac. If you wish to add me, please send a message detailing that you are part of the AJSA.
  12. i just moved my server yesterday username is PythonManiac.9264
  13. GT is PythonManiac