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Triple H3lix

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  • Birthday 06/20/1993

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    Triple H3lix
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    Clemson, SC
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    NASA, all the cool programming languages.
  1. EDIT: Resource officer/Captain. We can talk in T.S. about it too. EDIT EDIT: Yeah, may actually not play the game much after the big raid. Depends on if we can get back on our feet and something is done about griefing. EDIT EDIT EDIT: Disregard that! I SHALL NEVER LEAVE!!!! LETS DO THIS BABY!!!!
  2. I have the wonderful Aurora LX and I plan to do some wonderful things.
  3. I am Triple H3lix, or Sean for those who like real names. Only recently have I returned from NASA Langley Research Center for an internship doing some software development for image tracking used in aircraft noise abatement tests. Now though, I am at Clemson University in South Carolina working on a B.S. in Computer Science. Some of you might have seen me playing Guild Wars 2 on team speak already but besides that I also casually play some planet-side 2, Robocraft, Minecraft, and a shart load of single player games. I imagine when Star Citizen comes to life I'll be basically devoted to it, so I hope to see the AJSA on there too. I look forward to joining your community and hope to contribute all I can.
  4. Yes Yes! My name is Triple H3lix, and my Handle is TripleH3lix (creative aren't I). I look forward to fighting the good fight with the angriest of armies with my little ship!
  5. I'm not going to get all excited until I see some real game play; right now it all seems a little ambitious for such a small company.
  6. Mass Effect is the best game series I've ever played. Sure some mistakes were made along the way but until the third game all the changes were made in game play and the story was picture perfect. I've always hated buying games like call of duty only to play it for 5 hours and then have to sell it back to game stop again, with Mass Effect I felt like I was watching star wars all over again (Episodes 4,5,& 6). Mass Effect 3 was a really good journey until the ending, I hope the new installment brings all the good times back and leaves out the thermal clips and holographic children.