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  1. Thanks, and if I indeed do install it without removing the existing HDD, I assume all I'll have to do afterwards is transfer Windows, Chrome and Steam/Gaming stuff unto the new SSD Disk for the software to run faster?
  2. Hey, just wanted to give a quick update, I've just ordered my laptop today and it's this one: https://www.jarcomputers.com/Lenovo-Legion-Y520-80WK008VBM_prod_NBLENOVO80WK008VBM.html?ref=prod Lenovo Legion Y520 with Core I5 7300HQ, GTX 1050 TI 4 GB VRAM and 8 GB DDR4 RAM Originally I wanted to spend about 750 euro which was the price for the laptop with GTX 1050 2 GB VRAM but for just 50 euro more I got the TI 4 GB VRAM version. The only thing that kinda annoys me is the lack of SSD, I just didn't want to spend more than 800 euro, but for the future a Kingston SSD 240GB which might be more than I need, is roughly 60 euro, and the laptop supports SSD of up to 518 or so GBs so I'll try and upgrade as soon as possible. Can't wait for it to arrive, been so long since my eyes have truly experienced a real master race machine Thanks again for your advice.
  3. This motherfucker is just... even his name sounds intimidating as fuck, Dettlaff... it sounds lik Death Laugh . He's a vampire but he ain't sparkling and garlic won't do you any good... especially when he enters second phase and he's like: And you can't even kill him, Silver can only damage him but he will regenerate, you need another higher vampire to finish him off. Which means confrontation is not advised. But honestly, what could he do to you to frighten you so much? Sure he can eat you alive, rip you apart or stab you with his nails and that's that, a painful death, there are worse things than that... and that is being tortured "till the stars expire". Gaunter O'Dimm, initials spell out GOD, not much is known about him in the Witcher universe, just that he's been around for thousands of years, each culture mentioning him. Someone who grants your wishes, always with a twist, then comes to collect... He can manipulate time, and there are no known ways to harm or kill him. His only weakness is his ego, he thinks nobody can outsmart him on his wordplay, and so his boss fight is basically navigating through a nightmare as you struggle to solve his riddle, and be betrayed. There's actually a song, or rather a lullaby you can overhear from children while playing the game, it's creepy as fuck: "His smile fair as spring as towards him he draws you. His tongue sharp and silvery as he implores you. Your wishes he grants as he swears to adore you, gold , silver , jewels - he lays riches before you. Dues need be repaid, and he will come for you. All to reclaim, no smile to console you. He'll snare you in bonds, eyes glowing a'fire. To gore and torment you till the stars expire." And as if purposefully designed to crank the creep dile to 11, children are singing it: Chilling... but this is one of few games with such villains I enjoy so much. I'm usually not a fan of the whole "Gods are real, so is heaven and hell" like in Warcraft it's hinted and in Elder Scrolls with the Oblivion Plains but.. I don't know, I suppose given the Conjunction of the Spheres lore, there might be a whole world of psycho, allpowerful 4th dimension fucks like him but... I still liked the expansion. And lastly of course I wouldn't be able to forgive myself were I to skip World of Warcraft, that game has no shortage of intimidating Bosses like Nefarian, Ragnaros , Arthas and Illidan and many others but for me, it has to be Kael'Thas: Honestly I think this brings up a very good question, what's more important for a game... to have interesting, memorable characters playable or to have them as Bosses? Kael'Thas and Illidan specifically in my opinion fell victims to horrendous writing, as you see they are not villains, not in Warcraft III at least, at worst you can call them anti-heroes, but in The Burning Crusade you might as well paint twirly mustaches over their lips because they've completely went mad, both of them. Each took 180* on their original Character, but nonetheless the Boss fights are still the fondest memories of many Azerothian adventurers and so I ask myself whether this was the right decision? Because, if they were Allies to the player, they would be easily forgotten and would be largely irrelevant, they might have a cutscene or two in which they are awesome, but in-game they would just stand around, wait for the players to kill the Boss and then they would be credited with the good deed at the end. I have no doubt that the developers of days past in The Burning Crusade would have came up with other epic characters to battle in order to save the day but... I am skeptical whether they would look cooler than these guys. Anyway, this was a really interesting question to ask, thanks.
  4. Metro Exodus was the high point for me, I hadn't even realized it was Xbox/PC exclusive! I'm sure the graphics we saw will be downgraded, the scripted actions Artyom does will absolutely be missing for the most part and lastly the rocks near the chasm, I doubt that would be included too, but the game looks more open-world than it's prequels, so I can't wait, I wasn't super excited by anything else. BUT, the new Assassin's Creed... what the fuck happened? A stealth game has a trailer in which the protagonist is fighting in a giant arena like a fucking gladiator?! Then they show him shooting arrows from a horse and fight a GIANT SNAKE, what the fuck happened to that game?! Even the trailer makes it obvious the developers don't know what the fuck their product is supposed to be anymore, it's a muddled, tone-deaf mess, an assassin gladiator fighting giant snakes and gliding down A PYRAMID?! I think this game will redefine blandness, but who knows...
  5. Well, what's wrong with collecting your crew? The pace seems reasonable to me, there's a world ending threat, you spend your time preparing for it, and then kick it's butt, but I'd agree that the last mission could have been better. However I was intrigued by the characters, I did like all of them except Jack, cause I've seen that trope too much, I think they were memorable and their missions actually had character arcs, we helped them develop and we had a choice every single time, I think that's the very essence of RPGs, choice and character development. Yeah that guy embodies stupidity, it's like the holy grail of hypocrisy and mental retardation But the problem is he's not the only one who shares those crazy beliefs, he's stated multiple times how his collegues and even boss encourage him to keep this up. Sure, I was concerned about the animations because of BioWare-style RPGs always have the roleplaying with the camera focusing on the faces, so it might break immersion, imagine the Witcher 3 with those animations, would you immediately not skip every not-super-important-cutscene immediately? Imagine when Geralt found Ciri and his eyes looked like: Instead of the beautiful, expressive animations he had during that heartbreaking moment? Facial animations are important for this kind of RPGs, since we don't have actors to convey emotions with their faces, they are limited to only their voices, a performance hinges on the voice,animations and writing.
  6. Not sure if it counts, but: This is Gaunter O'dimm's theme from the Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone, except with more guitars more shredding and spookier sound This game absolutely has the best OST I've heard...
  7. I think that's pretty similar to Samurai Jack and it has some really badass fight scenes, I haven't watched all of it only the lightsaber fights, but I have watched the 3D series and I loved it. I actually saw the 3D series as a kid and I feel lucky because I didn't grow up with a stupid, annoying, whiny cunt which Anakin is in the Prequel Star Wars movies, his portrayal is much better in the series and that's why he's my favorite Star Wars character. So I absolutely recommend it, also Ahsoka is an awesome character as well, and is tied to Anakin's... well downfall. I can't comment on Rebels which is the continuation. Absolutely, it's an amazing show. We never speak of that, that's not real, it's just a nightmare, that's what my therapist said! Watch Daredevil, season 1 is the best superhero series around, it has no competition, in fact the only possible flaw I can think of is Karen, if she had just disappeared after the beginning this would easily score 10 out of 10 with a I also watched Iron Fist but it's nowhere near as good, the first few episodes are the very definition of boredum, Danny Rand is completely re-imagined and the effects are terrible. The fight scenes are nothing like Daredevil, oh fuck it, you know what just watch this little clip: If you like fightscenes like that, namely no jump cuts and 33 thousand irrelevant camera angle changes, absolutely gorgeous sounds and stunning choreography go for it, it's very good. Iron Fist? Well... not so much, the last few episodes really shook up the acting and actually became sort of interesting, but Daredevil is absolutely the best one around. Since you also like animated series I can wholeheartedly recommend Young Justice: It has only two seasons, CN cancelled it because it wasn't selling enough toys or something.... but both seasons are absolutely fantastic in my opinion, it's something like Teen Titans. As for animes, I think Berserk is widely believed to be the very best of anime. If you're a fan of Dark Souls it might be fun to watch it, because Dark Souls borrows a lot from Berserk. I personally cannot stand watching anime, I dislike the artstyle but I've watched a bunch of videos explaining why it's so good and exactly what it inspired within Dark Souls.
  8. Wisecrack just released a very detailed, in-depth video about the bitchslap of a movie that was Batman v Superman: And for the most part I agree with it, however I'd like to point out something that just makes my blood boil, and the person from Wisecrack was literally the last person I thought I'd hear this bullshit from. (Timestamp - 05:50 as marked in the video) , Superman just like most heroes ISN'T meant to be relatable, but that's not boring, well at least not for me. In fact I think that being a "purely benevolent do-good-er" is the very core of Superman, the thing which actually makes him Superman, not shooting lasers from his eyes contrary to popular belief, and that's why I liked Man of Steel, because even though snapping Zod's neck would make him a murderer and eliminate one of the very last specimens of a dying species, he still does it, why? Because he doesn't care about himself, so what if he's a murderer? Would you rather be called a murderer or leave a God who has an objective of killing every last human on earth roaming around? Would you want to see your culture restored, or would you rather save an already existing one? Both times he chose the latter, and I know, the scene could have been done better, BUT that scene, is the first moment in Superhero movies where a purely benevolent hero is actually challenged. What do I mean by that? Well, if you take any boyscout hero and put him in a similar situation, he/she would ALWAYS try to resolve things with no deaths, but what happens when that's not possible? What would the boyscout do? That's where it really gets interesting and that's where Man of Steel shines, it successfully challenged such a boyscout, put him in a tough position, either kill Zod and save those people, or let those people die and risk the whole world to exile Zod in the phantom zone, which is arguably worse than death... Machiavelli and Rand would laugh and scoff at such a hero, true, but I think it's gravely important to keep Superman like that, namely selfless, benevolent , compassionate ETC so that he is something we can strive to become ourselves, not something we can relate to, even if people don't like that, I still think it's important for diversity reasons, the more different philosophies and ideologies comicbook heroes subscribe to, the better. (Timestamp - 7:57) Bullshit, Jonathan Kent's an ordinary man while Superman is not, maybe it's not possible for a regular human to do this, but it sure as hell is possible for Superman, and even if we assumed it's impossible even for him, why not show that? I think this moment for Superman's decision should be stretched for more than one scene with a ghost, let him try, let him see what happens, but oh wait I forgot, this movie has issues with Batman fanservice, and we completely forgot this is a Man of Steel sequel, instead this is a terrible Batman movie. But the same thing could be said for Batman and his killing spree, one of my absolute favorite movies is "Batman:Under the Red Hood" because 1. It explains why Batman doesn't kill, which is a major part of the character and 2.Well Jason and the Joker are pretty awesome Not only does Batman believe everyone could be shown the error of their ways and be rehabilitated, but he's also afraid he won't be able to stop himself from killing were he ever to cross the line with the Joker. But the movie.... Well... uuh... I guess it has a different idea of Batman...? Is that really supposed to be the good guy in the movie? Wha-...? And the trouble is, you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT INTRODUCE THE JOKER TO THIS BATMAN, why?!? Well he killed 1+ thugs who could absolutely be rehabilitated and he could have just... I don't know drove through without killing them? Or sneaked past them? I doubt those cars are faster than the batmobile... so why won't he kill the Joker? Who is a lot harder to rehabilitate than them?! God damn this movie is shit.... But I know what you're thinking! "Batman has killed in other movies too! Snyder actually shared that, it's why he chose to address this!" Well... that means Snyder literally decided to build his Batman based around a plothole... great move... I can't believe that in just three hours that movie managed to do 180* turn on both it's title characters, and I won't even mention Lex Luthor because... well if nothing else he had a pretty cool theme: It's Hans Zimmer after all, I think his work is phenomenal. And I don't think Lex was as bad as some people made him out to be, I think Batman and Superman suffered way worse incarnations than him. And I agree with his main sentiment "If God is all powerful, he CANNOT be all good" : I don't dislike Jesse Einsenberg or his acting for the most part, and I think his statement and motivations would be applicable to real life, but Superman isn't exactly as "Godly" as our tribal gods if that makes any sense. Superman hasn't created us, he does not lord over us like the Christian god, he has not prepared any Heavens and Hells for us, has no Bible or Quaran and commandments we must follow, he's not omnipotent ETC he just shoots lasers out of his eyes damn it, oh wait I mean: LAZOOORS, and punch stuff real hard, oh and I guess he's fast enough to RUN on water but... still nowhere near what an actual "God" would be, he's also not immortal. So that's why I think the whole "Superman is God" thing is taken a bit too far.... religion is bullshit and you can be a better person by looking up to Superman than to Jesus, so if that can stop, I'd be grateful. I babbled on for so long and I haven't even mentioned all the plotholes, Lois and Doomsday.... and I already feel like I want to stab this movie in the dick... so I'll just end it here...
  9. Nobody likes origin stories, hell that was one of the major complains about Man of Steel, a movie which I personally love, "We've seen Krypton blow up/Batman's parents dying thousands of times" is a pretty popular criticism, just like "Not enough time to develop" is, which is paradoxical, so we don't want to see their origin but we want them to develop? Honestly you DON'T need a movie for each character, I suggest you watch Justice League:Dark You won't find a standalone Constantine animated movie ( make it happen DC! Lazy cunts ), neither will you see a Deadman standalone, nor a Zatanna one, and does the movie suffer because of that? Nope.... And even if you're like me, and have read each and every one of Hellblazer ( Constantine )'s 300 Issues, there are still like 10 writers who worked on those, and an 11th one working on the movie, so it's still different. There's like a dozen team up animated DC Movies, with no standalone movies for the characters in it, and do they suck? Absolutely not. And I don't want to be misunderstood, I in no way do I mean that DCEU is good, it's not, but "copying Marvel" or "No standalone movies to establish characters" are not the reasons why Green Lantern for example is dogshit.
  10. Well, sadly I it's not an option, not because I don't acknowledge it's better, but I feel it's unnecessary to explain why in detail, but I still appreciate your fast response, thanks! Right, considering what you've said I dug a little deeper and found another laptop: 8GB DDR4 RAM Intel Core-i5 7300HQ, 2.50 - 3.50 GHz frequency Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 ( curious why there's no M or MX ? O_O ) and with 2 GB memory, which might be bad? LENOVO Y520-15IKBN 80WK00E8BM is the model's full name, and to my pricing it costs 750 euro, which is just a very slight 50 euro more expensive than the previous, but I'm hoping that the GTX 1050 is considerably better for gaming? I'll try and figure out how to read these benchmarks and test the specs myself, so I don't trouble you! But in any case thanks very much for all of your suggestions, I'll consider them but perhaps this one is the right laptop for me?
  11. Hello! Last time I posted here it was about my decaying desktop PC! Well, time has come to replace it, a friend of mine who is sort of knowledgeable in this area is very passionately trying to sway me from buying a laptop, or at least a laptop which is under 1 000 euro, which is too much for my budget. And I'd like to know if there's any merit to his advice, I mean, I realize buying a gaming desktop PC will be cheaper than a laptop, especially if I already have a monitor and other peripherals but I feel it would be too complicated and impractical to haul a desktop to my dorm, as I'll be starting university education. So I'd like to know just how much the difference would be? Recently I played through Dark Souls III and Witcher 3's expansion packs on my aunt's laptop, which costs about 400 euro, admittedly there were frequent dips under 30 FPS, and with Witcher specifically cutscenes had de-synced voice and animation, but I figure if I raise the budget to... say 700 euro I'll be able to buy a decent laptop to run new games at steady 30FPS? Example: http://www.technopolis.bg/bg/Laptops/Laptop-ACER-ASPIRE-F5-572G-557K/p/518086: Specs: 8 GB DDR4 RAM, Intel Core-i7 6500U with 4 GB RAM capacity and 2.50 - 3.10 GHZ, NVIDIA GeForce 940 MX the cost is roughly 700$ ( Euro ) Is that a good deal? If not, why? I'll also be happy to see any recommendations you may have. PS: I forgot to ask, do Laptop brands matter? And the name of the model above is : ACER ASPIRE F5-572G-557K
  12. I'd also like to mention a really shitty example of difficulty which I just recently had to deal with, and in the game, nay piece of art I had to experience it in was the absolute last I though I would... The Witcher 3:Blood and Wine To avoid spoilers I'll just refer to the fight as "Beast of Beauclair", it has three phases with the first one being relatively normal, it reminded me of Olgierd ( a previous fight ) because of the "teleport - lunge" attack and it also had a very fast-paced, blood pumping song: Which honestly I've grown to expect from the game, so it was all well and good, I downed my decotions and potions, drew my silver sword coated in Vampire Oil and prepared with a Quen Sign only to be completely wrecked in the second phase ( Blood and Broken Bones, Enemies Upscaling:enabled ) by a very specific attack... No matter, I prepared again, lunged aggressively on my second attempt in frustration and again, the same attack cut through my Quen shield, which is leveled up and I have a decent amount of intensity, I tried potions and decotions for more maximum health, dodges, blocks but nothing, the attack cuts through EVERYTHING and leaves you at minimum health even with heavy armor and a lot of maximum health. But that's fine, I thought to myself, I'll just drink the instant-healing potions after each one, veins popped on Geralt's face from the toxicity as I sustained and healed the attack, only to be attacked again.... At that point I called bullshit and did the worst thing a gamer could do... I lowered the difficulty... forgive me for I have sinned! But that attack was bullshit.... and knowing he could just repeat it at whim I thought fuck it. In my defense though I did do a fair bit of attempts, and aside from that specific attack the fight was really good I don't think I've seen quite this level of bad asser-y when it comes to vampire portrayal, and I've played Vampire:The Masquerade But I digress, the point is, fuck unblockable, undodgeable attacks especially when they can occur twice in a row!
  13. I have a hunch that this game will have the least intimidating villain in history, I just imagine the main villain looking something like this: However, I enjoy games which tackle the concept of religion and I sincerely hope there will be no stupendous, overwhelming amount of stupidity in the form of "controversy" over this. I'm absolutely sure this won't be the next Ultima, but I'll give it a chance.
  14. Why not? The sword in the movie is short, just like the Gladius, I think that's enough base for a comparison. I don't care... it doesn't matter... nothing about Warcraft is supposed to be practical, giant burly orcs with barely any armor on except for a hunk of metal on their right shoulder and a horned helmet cannot possibly be interpreted as practical or realistic. We're not even supposed to have this conversation, I get it it's fascinating to read about how weapons were actually used in real life from time to time but Warcraft of all things shouldn't be practical, maybe for something like The Witcher or Game of Thrones you could make the argument, as even though flashy combat is semi-realistic and the weapons in terms of length, girth and so on are also pretty good. Why would they be outraged? I wouldn't care, I mean if I'm honest I'd definitely prefer some giant pauldrons which would probably crush the wearer's skull were he to perform an over-the-head swing, and a giant paddle or a boat row for a sword, my problem was that they didn't bother to give him a big sword. I wouldn't mind a claymore and I wouldn't mind something like the Ashbringer for example, but what they gave him was a tiny,ugly sword fit only for a lowly footman. But Anduin and Garona had plenty of time, and it was horrendous. In the movie, they are still building it during the direct assault suggested by Lothar, right? At that point they supposedly have enough souls, I'm not sure if it's just a way to raise the stakes of the plot but they do, so if they had started building the portal sooner, or focused the Raider troops on it as well, wouldn't have they completed it faster and then still have the souls before their whole plan was unveiled? Thus the army waiting on the other side could come through? Slightly different? The difference is anything but slight, Garona is no longer a weapon in human ( or rather orc form ) and she killed Wrynn during the destruction of Stormwind, a plot-point which was completely missed in the movie, and I may add that the whole DEFIAS BROTHERHOOD depended on that plot point Ya know, nothing important, famous or iconic.... And as a cherry on top, the Orcs might honor her, some of them, but in reality we know she is a pariah and will never be granted any Overlord-like military position, because she hasn't proven to be knowledgeable in that field, at most they'll have her as a grunt and some would still hate her, and the humans? Never, ever will trust her, Anduin's face when he saw the dagger proved it. Really? I think you're wrong, I think they established that the Frostwolf are honorable and the rest of the clans are pieces of shit why else is Orgrim part of the Frostwolf? Because any orc who is not part of them is "bad", why did nobody interfere during Gul'Dan's Mak'Gora? Because everyone is "honorable"? Bullshit, this movie never gave any redeemable characteristics for any other orcs than the Frostwolf and that was established all movie long, like the mentioned imprisoned civilian draenei and humans, and in the end they expect us to buy that every single orc would just let Anduin walk away? Obvious Speaking of which, the way Anduin killed Blackhand was horrendous, you could see the giant armorplate Blackhand wears and Anduin's sword not only pierced it, but pierced it deep enough to kill a gigantic orc? I'm sorry, nothing you've said has made me appreciate the movie more... not to mention they missed the whole point why Orcs invaded Azeroth in the first place, it wasn't to "take over the universe" as it is in the movie, it was to find a new home because Draenor was shattered by Ner'Zhul and Sergaras Also where the fuck is Eitrigg? Where the fuck are the Paladins? Not only did the movie choose a bad place to start the franchise, they also made no use of it. Can you judge the movie on it's merit? I don't give a fuck what they planned, that's not the proper way to do it, when you start a fantasy franchise you establish the world, and the races, none of which were expanded upon here, no mention of what difference the Orc clans have, no mention about their Shamans, no mention about the Human Kindgoms and the different Kings each one has, no explanation about what a Mage is, forgive me but is Arcane even mentioned in the movie? Like does anyone say Arcane? So if they don't WHY are they bothering with FEL?! No mention of the Light either, it's a complete mess. Again, the change doesn't affect just Garona it also affects Gul'Dan and the Orcs, even Cho'Gall, she is not the only magically aged Orc, there are lots of them because Gul'Dan needs more warriors. Speaking of plot holes how the fuck did she learn common? No that's not the problem with the length of the movie it's the problem of the screenplay, they spent too much time on bullshit, it's not like Fantasy franchises have bad first movies, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings? I don't like it because it changes too much from the original lore, I mean not the change itself but the direction they took it with, I also think Draenor would have been a much better place to start the first movie at, that way the orcish clans can not only be established, but their downfall can be vividly portrayed, and as for the action? Well I always look at this Lord Of War clip: I feel like the Draenei could tie in with the Light, and Naaru, also show us Vindicators before they show us Paladins. PS: I've read War Crimes, Tides of Darkness and Jaina Proudmoore:Tides of War, and Tides of Darkness specifically picks up right after the destruction of Stormwind and the death of the king, it follows Anduin and Khadgar and it tells the story of how the first Alliance was created, namely the Alliance of Lordaeron a whole book, was condensed into a post-credits scene, I'm sorry this movie is an atrocity, it's unforgivably bad, I've never felt more hatred for a piece of entertainment! Well.. maybe except for Call of Duty.... Betrayal!
  15. Of course, it's not like the orcs didn't look ridiculous and comical anyway, most of the scenes with orcs and humans looked like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, giant pauldrons and swords for the humans wouldn't change anything. Are you serious? You think there was no better option than this: That's literally the length of a gladius, it looks shorter than the shortest swords, are you saying there aren't any practical weapons befitting how what he wields in the lore? Like a Bastard Sword or Claymore? No, this mess could have had 10 hours or 10 seasons and it would still be horrendous and an insult to watch, there is not even one single scene to which you could point at and say "Woah, there's some good acting/dialogue"( actually I liked Lothar's reaction to seeing the king backstabbed ) and the plot it's INCREDIBLY stupendous, how is it a good plot? It's riddled with plotholes more than Bonny and Clyde. "We need human souls to power the portal, let's go through this temporary rift and attack humans, to make our presence known, so that Anduin Lothar a brilliant strategist can suggest a full on attack on the portal which they should have PROBABLY BUILT BEFORE ATTACKING, also let the King allow Garo-- ( who has nothing to do with the lore so I won't call her that ) dumb half-orc-woman to kill him in order to win the orcs' trust? Really? That sounds reasonable to you? The humans would totally believe that, obviously... oh and the same orcs that raided and pillaged human settlements, kidnapped civilian humans AND DRAENEI and used their souls to power portals to conquer the universe? Those guys honored Mak'Gora and let Anduin walk away" That's not even including the lazy parts of the plot, like "Fel". It doesn't make sense, it annihilates any semblance of nuance, and it literally starts from the middle, yeah Humans and Orcs is the first game, but there's a ton of shit that happened before that, a much better opportunity to begin your franchise from. Also since it will be a "franchise" the first movie did an excellent job of world building and establishment, remember all the clans Durotan mentioned in the first seconds of the movie and were never expanded upon? Just like the human kingdoms the "king" mentions which also never get forgotten again, instead let's focus on dumb half-orc-woman and Anduin, in a romance which I actually mistook for child abuse, because... Garona is a child which Gul'Dan magically aged... and the actress seemed just like a kid in an adult's body, intentional or not. Why would any viewer care about the orcs or humans, when we were clearly shown nothing about either? The time was spent on the Guardian and other ruined characters, what's the point of talking about the Guardian, when we know nothing about the world he "guards" or the threats he "guards" it from? It's like trying to make a war movie, without showing us who the sides are and why they're fighting. Sorry if I come off as too passionate, but this movie's failure was a really big insult for me, I really like Warcraft and I grew up with Frozen Throne, Reign of Chaos and WoW, so it was kinda like part of my childhood was strangled by a rope crafted by pure stupidity, and I'm baffled how anyone could enjoy the movie. Anyway Yeah, there is: http://witcher.wikia.com/wiki/The_Hexer_(TV_series) It's called "The Hexer" which admittedly sounds less cooler than "The Witcher"