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  1. Yeah for example: If you and your co-op partner set a marker on the map there's a chance it'll spawn an event for you two to race towards. Gives agility or power rewards too. Or if you find a Goon (big guy in orange, wields a Rebar Club) it'll do "Hey, wanna see who can do the most damage to this guy? Go for it!" and you get rewards based on who did the most damage. Just some fun stuff to look for.
  2. Fantastic game, I'd highly recommend playing it with a friend. The game generates random missions and challenges if you're playing in co-op that you don't experience on your own. It's incredibly fun and time wasting lol I've played about 20 hours so far and i'm only 10% through the main story.
  3. Honestly I wasn't even looking into this game...but after seeing this? Damn. I'm sold. And 3 days before my birthday it comes out too!
  4. Prime Real Estate. Is the AJSA server pretty active? Everytime I check there's no one on.
  5. Expansion hype. It's been a long time since I played. Hope the world is going to expand enough for me to care though. The game needs heavy replayability to keep me interested in throwing probably £40 at an expansion....We'll see I guess.
  6. I guess it depends what kind of games you play...FPS with a keyboard and mouse might be pretty easy. Any fast paced game seems like they could work too but I guess it's all training when it comes to working your legs and hands at the same time.
  7. Wow that's incredible dedication, wish I had that much money to get a setup like that! Looks like a ton of fun to workout while you play games.
  8. There's also a new video I found that was uploaded recently! PurgeGamers - Dota 2 for Beginners I still reccomend you watch the first link I mentioned above, but do give this a look.
  9. Hey friend, welcome to our little corner of the AJSA forums. While I don't use the AJSA TS Server often, I can help you with learning Dota 2 as a beginner. There's a plethora of material out there to help. I'll start with a few basic links, but some of the best tools for learning this insanely difficult but incredibly rewarding game: Dota 2: A Complete Beginner's Guide - While this video is somewhat dated, it still remains to this date the best video for learning the basics of Dota 2. I always recommend this video to anyone that wants to start from the beginning. I HIGHLY recommend you watch this video from start to finish. And again, if you need to. KazeNilrem's Super Amazing List of resources for Dota 2 - A long time veteran poster of our little corner of the Forums, KazeNilrem offers this list of amazing links for newer and veteran players alike. I could possibly offer more aid so if you have any specific questions about the game then feel free to ask here or send me a personal message if you wish. Have fun out there! ~mrfool~
  10. Cool story bro, but have you actually played since WoD launched? I'm guessing you don't know anyone that plays the game and you've got no investment in characters you've played. I find it pretty funny that you list a ton of bullet points and seem to think they're "bad points" of the game. You'd rather the game never innovated and never brought in a wider audience? There's a reason why WoW is still the most relevant and successful MMO to date and you apparently haven't realized that. Most of those points you listed I care little about, but the "impossibly balanced PVP" made me laugh. You're aware how difficult MMO PVP is to balance, right? The only balance PVP has is around 3v3 Arenas. But I could read what you type all day, because it's pretty amusing to me.
  11. The lore is one of the franchises strong points but Blizzard has always had a problem telling stories in-game. They've become much better at it over the years though. WoD has a pretty awesome story line if you care enough to look into it.
  12. Would you play any other MMO on your own? These kinds of games are built to be played with friends. The game has been "hyped" for a good reason. 10 years on and WoW is still the most relevant and successful MMO out there. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's not the best MMO on the market still.
  13. It's nice to meet you too! Welcome to the AJSA, if you ever need help with anything Dota 2 or Dota 2 Forum related things you can message me on the forums or on Steam @ mrfool I was about to give you the TS info but Chim beat me too it! So I'll instead give you this link to an Archive of previous important threads here in the forums: Dota 2 AJSA Guild Forums Archive I made the Archive with the intent of helping new and older players alike navigate our little corner of the forums easier. Have fun out there! ~mrfool
  14. Installing Origin is your problem.
  15. Possibly the best Survival Sandbox game out there, even though it's still early access it's so feature rich. I have a question though. Will the server be random generated? Because that's the best way to play I'd say.