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  • Birthday 05/08/1988

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    Walla Walla, WA
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    My favorite kinds of PC games are RTS' (Total War and Civilization), RPGs of most types, some shooters (as a means to vent frustration).
  1. I approve of this, since it happens to be on the same day as my birthday!
  2. From the album My PlanetSide 2 Character

    8 levels?! In a month?! Holy Crap. Not a bad bit of leveling. Even a new banner (for assault rifles).
  3. From the album My PlanetSide 2 Character

    New look, new gun, new...class? No, this isn't an April Fool's hoax. I decided to expand my horizons and try out the Combat Medic class. And holy crap am I having way more fun. He's holding his Cycler TRV (which is now my favoritest gun EVER!!!) In all honestly, this gun is amazing. Chances are I will be focusing on my Medic directives for the time being.
  4. From the album My PlanetSide 2 Character

    Looks like someone has been busy. I'm currently working on my LMG certifications. So far, I need one more LGM (T32 Bull) to get the Gold certification (and a free Banner). Gotta love that NS-15M2 he's sporting. However, with my recent purchase of Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis IV, I might be a bit distracted.
  5. First Sgt. Marcoosi

    From the album My PlanetSide 2 Character

    New face, new gun (T-16 Rhino), tons of kills!
  6. From the album My PlanetSide 2 Character

    After a break from PlanetSide 2 (thanks to Skyrim ), I'm back to playing one of my favorite FPS's. Now, he's camo'd out and is holding his trusty MSW-R.
  7. While I can't recommend Civ 5 or Beyond Earth, I actively play Civ 4, mainly the Caveman to Cosmos Super Mod. I've started (a LONG time ago) with Civ 2, then Civ 3, and currently Civ 4. I am looking forward to Civ 5, but I probably won't play Beyond Earth. I've heard its a lot of "meh".
  8. So yea, this Civ might be a bit old, but I haven't had a chance to try out Civ V. Right now I'm playing the Caveman to Cosmos Super Mod for Civ IV. Has anyone else tried it? I'm interested in your experiences, horror stories, successes, etc...
  9. How about something WITHOUT the friggin' Warscape engine?! Medieval 3 by far, or something fresh, like a Warhammer Fantasy license.
  10. I suppose the argument that can be made is that CA needs the 4-5+ years for development. It was roughly 2 years after Shogun 2 was released that Rome 2 launched, which was a total disaster. My understanding is that even with all of the patches, the game still runs pretty terrible. I wouldn't know from personal experience, I have a friend who is rather happy with it. But more often then not, I've heard Rome 2 is just terrible. For me, I tried Empire, and I was disappointed and irritated with the game. That's why I pretty much stay with Medieval 2. In my opinion, it is by far the most superior Total War game, with Rome 1 right behind it. So, in all honesty, I want CA to take as much time as they need to get the next Medieval right. If it were to have a bad launch of its own, I probably would never play another CA game again. I understand your point, though. There are times I wish a new Medieval on the market. But, I would hope you would agree that CA should take the time to get it right. Ohh, and they should go back to the original engine, and not that crappy Warscape engine, or whatever it's called.
  11. Glad to see people still showin' Medi2 some love
  12. Tech Sgt. Marcoosi

    From the album My PlanetSide 2 Character

    My TR character as of August 27
  13. I'll have to add that to my wishlist
  14. I'm working out some sort of a dynasty or house challenge. It's still a little hard to explain, but I will try my best. I like the family tree aspect of the Total War franchise (was seriously bummed when I heard the Rome 2 stripped it out), and I am into Medieval history. I always found it interesting how the family backed then garnered their power through politics, wars, alliance, etc... So, a couple years ago (I've played this game A LOT...) I started tooling around with the idea of creating, or at least influencing my ruling family and the direction they take. Recently, I played as England, and beat the game. All the while, I noticed that my ruling family (House of Old Sarum, in this case) remained chivalrous through 3 generations, highly chivalrous at that. A lot of this "challenge" (I think experiment is more of an apt description right now) is fluff based, and requires a decent amount of imagination. Back to my example earlier, the current king, is named Augustine. I also had him take his grandfather's and father's name of James, so he became James "Augustine" III. During his reign, he reunited all of Italy under the English banner, so as fluff, I renamed him James Augustus III, partially after Caesar Augustus. Of course when I beat the game, he finally became Emperor James Augustus III, High King of England, so on and so forth. Sorry if it seemed like I rambled on and on, but the idea is to create a family and tell a story through their reign. I'm no where near furnishing rules or regs for this, and I was kind of hoping that there were more members of the Angry Army who played this, because I think this would be something interesting to do. Now I have to get back to getting ready for work, lol
  15. Welcome aboard