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  1. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Shogun in Who still plays Medieval 2: Total War?   
    All you need to do man is Buy Shogun 2 + DLC's and your set for life hahaha
  2. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by celephaith in Who still plays Medieval 2: Total War?   
    I played M2TW for a solid 2 years after it first came out, including all expansions and several mods. But after that, I was bored with it. This is why I get so angry over comments I've read over the years of complete retards who say crap like "I don't want M3TW to come out yet; they need to wait at least 5 more years". What?! If you don't want to play it, don't buy it. Seems like a simple concept to me. But for those of us chomping at the bit for a new version of the game, it's extremely frustrating that they wait so long between installments. Other franchises come out with new games roughly every 1-2 years; why can't the TW franchise? It's been 8 long years since the last MTW with no end in sight. With a dedicated team to each version of the TW series (rome, medieval, shogun, empire, etc.), there's no reason why that should be longer than 4 years. Especially with TW being the only game of its kind that incorporates turn-based strategy with real-time strategy. They fill a very specific niche that is incredibly addicting to nerds like me, and there's no way you can convince me they'd lose money if they pumped out these games more often. I'd buy every TW game that came out even if a new one came out every single year.    
  3. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Shogun in Who still plays Medieval 2: Total War?   
    I still play it but only for the Third Age Mod
  4. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Stupid in Who still plays Medieval 2: Total War?   
    I still play it, both vanilla and modded. My most recent mod download for it was Hyrule: Total War, which is Zelda based. Lot of fun. But in my most recent game of vanilla, I played as Spain and I conquered all in my path.
  5. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Kromdar in Who still plays Medieval 2: Total War?   
    I actually started playing it again recently, i'm playing as Spain atm. I always use the ultimate AI mod and played the third age mod quite a bit. I tried out the westeros mod but didn't really love it. 
  6. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Icehawk7 in Who still plays Medieval 2: Total War?   
    Shogun 2 ousted it for me. Empire and Napoleon didn't do it, but Shogun did. Still waiting to try Rome 2.
  7. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Chumbry42 in Who still plays Medieval 2: Total War?   
    Check out crusader kings 2. It has all of that and more in it but without real time controllable battles (uses math algorithms based on army composition, terrain, and leadership).
  8. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Sirrobert in Who still plays Medieval 2: Total War?   
    I was just thinking about that.
    Crusader Kings 2 is basicly what you discribed. It's not so much a 4X as it is a medieval politics simulator. You play as a character, and you have to juggle all the tasks that come with ruling (mostly vassals)
    One time I played as the Pety King of Leon (the kingdom of Spain had just split up as I started). The christian part of spain was split in 3 kingdoms, each one owned by an unmarried brother. Who were eachother's heir. Alliances in this game are purely based on family, and you get massive peneltys for attacking your allies, so I couldn't just take the land
    So I started plotting their deaths right away. And on the public side, I helped them with wars to claim more land (which I'd get after the assasination succeded).
    One of them I killed, but the other one produced an Heir of his own (then died under mysterious circumsances).
    But I was still the only family the child had, and it'd take 16 years for the child to grow up (only than could it marry and make a new heir), so I simply kept helping him grow his empire, until a sudden and untimely death left me with 3/4th of Spain.
    It was awesome.
    You can also play as a vassal yourself, which adds even more political juggling
  9. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Chumbry42 in Who still plays Medieval 2: Total War?   
    What sort of challenges were you thinkin of?
  10. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Sirrobert in Who still plays Medieval 2: Total War?   
    I actually downloaded it again yesterday. With Ultimate AI mod it is especially good (the other factions actually grow, destroy eachother, and you can form lasting alliances)
  11. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Chumbry42 in Who still plays Medieval 2: Total War?   
    I still play it pretty regularly though mostly third age and warhammer fantasy mods
  12. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Doshka17 in Who still plays Medieval 2: Total War?   
    I have it mainly for all the mods, Third Age is amazing. 
    Actually, I have all of the total war games xD
  13. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by SXE4Rev in Here to Introduce Myself   
    Hello Angry Army, My name is Isaiah Ramirez & I reside in Austin, Texas (CST). I was born on December 13th, 1995 in the ATX, Hispanic/White/Indian & I'm an Atheist.
    Reasons For Joining:
    I've been a huge fan of Angry Joe since mid 2013 and since I've started using social media (Twitter,Twitch,YouTube) I've strived to listen & learn from Joe. After subscribing to his YouTube channel, following his Twitter, following his Twitch I've decided to nail in the coffin and join the *Angry Army*.
    Way To Game:
    I'm quite limited on options in terms of gaming. I only own a PlayStation 3 currently (PSN ID: GetsugalfoREVer). And by the end of September I should be the owner of a XBOX One or PS4 or buy my first PC system. Help me choose folks!
    Basically, I'm happy to meet you folks and happy to say I'm a soldier of the Angry Army.
  14. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Puntosmx in Anyone had this issue before in WatchDogs?   
    Tech service cheat sheet:
    1.- Shut the program off. Try again.
    2.- Shut everything off. Try again.
    3.- Reboot. Try again.
    4.- Turn the PC off. Wait 5 minutes. Try again.
    5.- Uninstall the program. Reinstall. Try again.
    6.- Format. Try again.
    7.- Disassemble the machine. Reassemble it. Format and reinstall everything. Try again.

    Well, at least it works now
  15. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by ThE_MarD in lookling for thoughts, opinions   

    Err.. actually in your old APU thread I noted ibuypower as the first custom builder to offer APU systems. After discussion with their customer service? they started offering 2133MHz memory with their APU systems since I noted to them that the mobo they offer with it supports 2133MHz. Before it was only 1600MHz they offered so iBuyPower ftw for listening to the consumers.
    Right now? Their back 2 gaming sale? They're offering... "FREE AMD FX-6300 Upgrade from AMD FX-4300" and "FREE AMD A10-7700K Upgrade from AMD A10-6800K" and for notebooks? "FREE Intel i7-4810MQ Upgrade from Intel i7-4700MQ Processor (Save $150)" which is badass!
    Graphics wise? "FREE AMD Radeon R9 270X 2GB Upgrade from R9 270 2GB." which is pretty good!
    Other noteworthy free deals is "FREE Turtle Beach Z1 Headset with ALL iBUYPOWER Systems." and "FREE Free LG Blu-ray Reader Combo Drive Upgrade from DVD±R/±RW drive" which is awesome if you also love Blu-ray movies plus free liquid cooling which is epic since there's a lot of good unlocked APU's they offer "FREE Asetek 510LC Liquid Cooling Upgrade from AVC Liquid CPU Cooling."
  16. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by marcoosi in lookling for thoughts, opinions   
    *UPDATE* Dell finally shipped the PC. Should be getting it by Wednesday (possibly sooner). Hopefully I will be up and running by the weekend.
  17. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by GoodOldSmurf in lookling for thoughts, opinions   
    and they listen to their customers too! thats pretty rare nowadays XD
    about time
    welp hope you enjoy the X51, if you dont well you know what to do: custom build
  18. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by ThE_MarD in lookling for thoughts, opinions   
    Heyyo, Brah, At this rate I'd say cancel your order unless the main reason you're going Dell is their loans... check out iBuyPower's "back 2 gaming sale" they got going on since they make custom rigs as well, and their prices are pretty darn good... especially now with a few good free-upgrades they're offering.
    Here's a cheaper pre-built unit that I slapped together than the Alienware x51 that would outperform the i3 with sub-par GTX 745:
    Also, this iBuyPower unit has a THREE year Warranty & Service... Alienware? one year Warranty with options to pay for extra years.

    If you wanted to save even more money? You could change the APU to the A10-7700K. It's only a very small performance drop but would save you $60. It would still beat the Alienware x51.
    For a pre-built unit? That's the best bang-for-your-buck around the $700 price point... if you custom build though? You'll save even more money and get a beefier unit. If you're worried about messing up installing the parts? Order it through http://www.ncix.com and they have a $50.00 install & test service that will ensure the unit's built properly.
    Looking at the Alienware x51? What GPU did you order? that GTX 745 is extremely sub-par. Here's benchmarks from users on Futuremark's 3DMark comparison between a unit similar to the Alienware x51 (I'll even give it the GTX 750, a slightly more powerful GPU than the GTX 745)
    i3-4150 with gtx750 (left) vs a10-7850k (right)

    As you can see, in this case? The iBuyPower APU system just SMASHES that Alienware x51 into the ground in terms.
  19. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by GoodOldSmurf in lookling for thoughts, opinions   
    welp thats really impressive, iBuyPower DEFINITLY got even better lately, i checked the site and they sure as hell mean business
    they got some pretty badass offers i was amazed, almost felt like buying one
    im even more surprised by the fact they offer APUs, i thought iBuyPower only relied on CPUs
    in any case marcoo, it goes without a say that buying your own PC will always cost less money but yeh i guess this discussion is pretty much done, iBuyPower or building your own custom PC via PCPartPicker.com are pretty much the best options that will give you the best prices and offers and i think nearly everyone around agrees on that
  20. ThE_MarD liked a post in a topic by marcoosi in lookling for thoughts, opinions   
    I'm interested in anyone's thoughts, opinions, whatever...
    Recently, I ordered a new desktop PC, after using my old one for 7 years. It's an Alienware X51. Due to financial restrictions, I have to go on the cheap, which is weird to say about an Alienware. I was able to upgrade the memory to 8GB. Even though it's fairly stock, with the exception of the memory upgrade, I was impressed with the specs. However, I'm interested in anyone's feedback or opinions about the X51. I tend to not trust the reviews on company sites (I'm actually surprised how astroturfed some of the reviews can be) and I want to hear back from the Angry Army. I want to get involved in gaming with you guys and girls, and I just want to make sure I made a good choice in gaming machines. Looking forward to your feedback. Cheers, my friends.
  21. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by ThE_MarD in lookling for thoughts, opinions   

    My Alienware M14x notebook is a solid unit... but the price was higher than others like MSI which also offered a manufacturer warranty of 2 years over Dell's 1... so that's my only regret with Dell... higher prices and not 2 year warranty. Otherwise? It is a good unit.
  22. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Zegers in Halp once again   
    Windows 8 is hardly a bad OS. The only reason people have hated it is because it has a different UI. The technical aspects of the OS are a huge step up from Windows 7. I've been running Windows 8 on my PC for almost a year and have only run into one issue and that was due to Windows 8, and that was with Crysis. I have defended Windows 8 many times, and will continue to do so. It's rare that I find someone that has a good defense as to why it's bad other than the UI. I've even made a few posts about it on this forum, here, and here. In the second post I do mention my Steam library, and since then it has grown to 144 games, and I have had ONE issue that took quite some time to work out.
    Anyway, the solution that works the most often is to try running the game in a compatibility mode for the various other versions of Windows, and running it as an administrator. You can do this by locating the executable in the game's directory. Then right-clicking the .exe and going to properties, and you can find those options under the "Compatability" tab.
  23. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Winnum in lookling for thoughts, opinions   
    My PC is currently a home build nestled inside of an old alienware case. This required be to seek out an adapter as the case had a funk ATX connection. 
    Check stuff like this out before making any big purchases. If you have built systems before you will probably be fine- if not ask a friend who has to give you some advice or cheek out specific PC hardware forums for help.
  24. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by Puntosmx in lookling for thoughts, opinions   
    Yes, economy ain't what it was supposed to be....
    I'm currently building my own.... I stared in February, and will take at least 2 more months to have the basics and hijack the family's TV as screen

    Most ofeedback of that particular model seems positive, so I guess it's generally a nice PC.
    Have fun with it
  25. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by marcoosi in lookling for thoughts, opinions   
    Ok, so far the general idea I've gotten is "What are you, stupid? Build your own PC!!!" lol jk
    But seriously, if I could, I would build my own. Circumstances, on the other hand, dictate otherwise. First and foremost, my current PC, the one I am using RIGHT NOW, is SEVEN flippin' years old (and still runs XP). And when I got it, it was a functioning piece of crap. However, I tend to make the most out of my situation, be it computers or RPG characters. It worked OK, but I never could play anything amazing down the road. Second, I'm going through my parents, by using their Dell account (I know, Dell). By doing this, I will only have to make payments, as opposed to outright buying it. I don't know about most of you, but I ain't exactly swimming in disposable income, so buying outright isn't an option.
    Now, I know some of you could argue that I probably can build a better PC than any prebuilt on the market, but time is also kind of a restriction. I don't know how long my current PC has before it decides to die. I made a few rookie, or newb, mistakes recently and I all but ruined my computer.
    I supposed I could have clarified some things in my earlier posts, and thats my fault. Right now, I'm just looking for feedback and opinions on the X51. Although, I do appreciate all of the opinions I've read so far. Thanks.