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  1. Basically I've had to reinstall my OS, and in turn reinstall Teamspeak. I came to the AJSA site to find the privilege key on my profile to use on the AJSA TS server I've been using since 2014, to realise that it is no longer there because most people here seem to have moved to Discord. So I'm kinda stuck for ideas, unless I can just get a friend who's an officer to assign me permissions / channel group?
  2. Just looking for people to play normal matches with for fun & to win or teach me a slightly higher level of Dota. I'm quite new but I know a fair amount and learn quickly. Currently 11-6 W/L. Getting a bit bored of playing solo. I use the AJSA teamspeak as well. I've only become proficient with Sven, Zeus and Razor so far and currently play limited hero's. I'm down to make the jump in to normal matches though.
  3. Oh, I thought that was referring to competitive team.
  4. Here is a thread for people to declare if they are looking for people to play with, whether you are new to the game or a veteran. I'm fairly new around here, so naturally I'm looking for people to play with as I'm bored of playing solo and this game is much more fun when playing with other people. I currently play limited hero's but will probably make the jump to normal matches soon as I'm picking the game up quickly. Hit me up on Steam: XLNC