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  1. kaialb liked a post in a topic by Themurloc in Firefall Unofficial Army (now with application tutorial)   
    So I had a flash of boredom so I messed around with the new you to try and make an Angry Joe character, and used it to make this little recruitment banner for the Firefall Army.

  2. kaialb liked a post in a topic by Deadeye_DK in Firefall (official poll re-request. Now out of Beta)   
    Thumbs up for a official Firefall AJSA.
    I bought a starter pack about a week ago, and have already spent 77 hours in this game. Sure, the quests can become repetetive, but there is so much else to do instead.
    Do random Ares missions, crashed thumpers or LGV's, repeat the story missions for some nice XP, or squad up with others and hunt a sweet rich ore vein and call down a thumper to mine it.
    Personal Thumpers, meant for 1-2 players are easy to defend.
    But call down a Squad Thumper, meant for 2-5 players, and you can expect a challenge when drop pods suddenly crash down around you, and the Meld Chosens swarm out in big numbers.
    Its just sooo much fun.
    I'll never be able to use a normal pickaxe to gather ore again....
  3. marcoosi liked a post in a topic by kaialb in Reporting for duty!   
    Hello! I'm new here, so I guess I should introduce myself!
    I am a college student currently living in NYC, seeking to hopefully become a game designer, while still producing videos in my spare time. I started gaming at the age of 7, with the early Command & Conquer games, and have expanded to literally every type of game out there. I'm willing to try any game, and am especially interested in indie games as those are my main focus on my YouTube channel!
    As for the Angry Army, I'd been watching the Angry Joe Show for about a year now, and had been hearing a lot about the Angry Army! Since I don't usually have a large group of people to play with, I figured the Angry Army would be a great opportunity to satisfy that need, to play with a ton of people! I'm not part of any of the Angry Army divisions at the moment, but I hope to find a game out there I can join!
    I'm currently playing FireFall, since it just came out of beta, and I'd been hoping the Angry Army would establish itself on there; I saw the failed vote to join the game, but I assume more people will join now since the game is out of beta! Also playing Starcraft II, World of Tanks, and Hearthstone, if anyone is interested!