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Everything posted by Zieglobaz

  1. If there's a rift amongst gamers, I'm going to venture a guess it's because of this right here, an intelligence gap. There is a monumental frustration within me that I can't even begin to express, over the immediate assumption you made that the Pro hardware is holding back the game, and not vice versa. I'm seriously at a loss. And to top it all off, we're stearing the topic back towards this "consoles vs PC" bullshit that has absolutely no relevance. Don't sit there and say "If you care about framerate, place on PC" and then bitch at me about creating a rift between gamers. What do you say to people on console who care about framerate? Are they just shit out of luck? Either buy a PC, or stop worrying about FPS? How about we support devs that can make every version of the game great, that's a win-win situation.
  2. Spoilers it's an action game with a dialog wheel.
  3. Look, just because your eyes are bad doesn't mean the rest of us should have to suffer. 60fps provides better look and feel, especially for an action game. There's no excuse to lock games at 30, especially with new hardware coming out. Stop making excuses for lazy devs.
  4. I would imagine the mod community as a whole took a big hit after the paid mods debacle. First you have Bethesda saying you deserve to get paid 25¢ on the dollar, then you have thousands of players saying you deserve nothing. I don't blame the modders for losing interest in it.
  5. Haha, the battlecry of the appeaser. How many times has "it's only a beta" turned into "oh it's broken on release?" Why would you trust a company that has already told paying customers to fuck off, but changed their mind due to a Twitter poll?
  6. I think people that type "gg ez" are jerks, but I think people who get offended by it are pussies. And at the end of the day, it's easier to convince a jerk to be nice than it is to convince a pussy to stop getting offended, especially if it's something as harmless as this.
  7. This is really a lose-lose situation for them. If they put out they game on time but with a big day 1 patch, they get blasted by 1) people with bad/no internet, 2) reviewers who get the unpatched version and complain about all the bugs, and 3) people who are going to claim it's DLC that should have been on disk. But if they do delay it, they get static from 1) people who say they don't care about bugs, 2) people who think every problem should have been fixed months/years ago due to how long it's been in production, and 3) their shareholders who want to see sales money coming in. Personally, I'm glad they chose to delay. Too many companies are relying on that "eh we can patch it later" mentality and pushing crappy rush jobs out the door. To quote Shigeru Miyamoto: "A delayed game is good eventually, a bad game is bad forever."
  8. I never got over the horror stories from 2-3 years ago. Not being able to launch games, getting kicked out (of single player games!) if their servers went down for a second, people crying rootkit, etc. Also, I thought this was funny, taken from the wiki: The always-on requirement was quietly lifted for existing Uplay games towards the end of 2010, being changed to a single validation on game launch.[9]However, the always-on requirement made a return in 2011 with the releases of Driver: San Francisco[10]and From Dust, the latter having been explicitly stated by Ubisoft prior to release to only require a one-time online activation on install.[11] From Dust was later patched to remove the always-on requirement.[12] In September 2012 Ubisoft employees confirmed in an interview that no further Ubisoft games would be using the always-on requirement, instead opting for a one-time activation of the game on install. HoweverThe Crew required the player to be always online in order to play.[13]
  9. You're making a lot of assumptions based on virtually no information, drawing your own conclusions based on unofficial second-hand information. Let's settle down and see what actually comes out before we start saying "X is better than Y."
  10. I probably won't switch, because I'm not that much of a hardcore Doom fan, but I like that they did it.
  11. No, it means modding is an easier process, but the game is still being published by EA. Don't expect to see it on Steam, and don't expect mods.
  12. Doom for $35 is an instant buy for me. I'll probably pick up Dead by Daylight (I think that's the correct name) since my friends all bought it and want to play. Also just FYI, anyone considering something from the Sonic franchise should check out Humble Bundle before buying from the Steam sale.
  13. No one should underestimate the power of the damn porn industry. Do you know who determined the winner of VHS vs betamax? And for that matter, Blu-ray vs HD-DVD? Do you know who propelled the internet from a relatively exclusive communication system to a media distribution platform? Do you know who pushed for higher bandwidth and better video encoding to making streaming services viable? Spoilers it was the porn industry. While it's not the sole factor of why each thing above succeeded, the porn industry is very effective at laying the groundwork that other companies can build on. But getting back to the actual topic, Gabe's sentiment is nothing new. Palmer Lucky, the main guy behind the Oculus Rift, said pretty much the same thing (that making things exclusive to one headset or another would be hurt the business in the long run) during the Rift's development, but that didn't stop them from adding DRM to stop Rift games from playing on the Vive shortly after release. The moral of the story is that people can say whatever they want, judge them by their actions instead. Let's see what Steam VR looks like in a year, and see if they're encouraging exclusives then. I have a feeling they won't, since they don't seem to encourage "Steam exclusives" the same way Origin does, but you can never trust a company. (Also Apex, you might want to clean up the first post a bit. Oculus (Rift) = Facebook = Palmer Lucky, which is separate from Vive = HTC = Gaben/Steam. It's highly doubtful that Oculus is paying devs to make games exclusive to the "Vive store," aka Steam.)
  14. Someone proclaiming a game to be overhyped after watching the trailers and realizing it's a genre they don't like. Internet in a nutshell.
  15. I don't think this is surprising at all. The first (reboot) game did very well on consoles. I'd also like to point out that the article is incorrect in saying the series was PC only in the 90s. The original X-COM: UFO Defense/UFO: Enemy Unknown came out on PC 1994, and then came to PS1 as X-COM: Enemy Unknown in 1995. Sorry, I'm a stickler for details on one of my favorite series.
  16. I can never understand how people get so worked up and emotional over abuse to animals, then wish an even worse fate onto a human being. Cruelty to animals is bad. Cruelty to people is worse.
  17. So he threatened @Kotaku, not Jason Schreier? Idk, the whole situation seems blown out of proportion. Kinda hard to get on Jason's side when he's singling out Reddit users then insulting websites in an attempt to get them to help. I'm not saying he's wrong, but he's choosing to act like the "least wrong shitbag" rather than a reasonable human being. On second thought, why the fuck is this topic discussing a Kotaku "journalist" right now? How about the fucking NMS dev being threatened??? Nah, he's boring to talk about because he isn't trying to stir up a shitstorm around his internet drama.
  18. The only remaster I'd buy is BF2142.
  19. I liked the new Battlefront game, but there's no way I'd pay for a second. It was fun playing shoot em up with Star Wars blasters, but it had very little depth, and not enough progression to hook me. I have a feeling this is going to be a Wii/WiiU situation for DICE/EA. Sure, a lot of people bought Battlefront and it exceeded expectations, but that's because it hit at the right time. People were excited about the new movie, and it was the first Star Wars game in a while (last one before that was SWTOR, not counting the Kinect game). They might be able to capitalize on the excitement for the second movie, but now the game environment will be saturated with SW titles. They're gonna have two Battlefront titles on the market, plus the two games mentioned in the article. Seems like they're banking on a lot of Star Wars hype, but by the time Battlefront 2 gets here, people will be able to satisfy it in a bunch of other ways. But who knows. Trying to predict the habits of gamers is like trying to herd cats. Seems like the more they complain about something, the better it does.
  20. God, I would love another BF2142 type game with their current engine. I was so disappointed when "near future" became the new futuristic setting in shooters. I don't want M16s on dudes who jump real high, I want laser guns, and hover tanks, and mechs. I want Planetside 2, but balanced so that 100v25 isn't a thing. On the plus side, I got a major Titan (I think that's what they were called in 2142) vibe from that zeppelin at the end of the trailer. If that game mode returns, I'll consider picking this up. Otherwise I'm not interested in WW1 or WW2.
  21. Spoilers: Every game that has had an open beta a few weeks/months before launch has been the same as the shipped product. Why is this news?
  22. I think you need to step back and take the emotion out of your argument for a second. First, let's identify why this idea failed the first time. Modders weren't up in arms over the concept itself, they (correctly) recognized that we could be getting into some ugly territory where a mod that was previously free and used as the base for other mods could suddenly cost money. SkyUI was at the center of that shitstorm, as many other mods relied on its display standards to work properly. Suddenly hundreds of free mods would cease to work unless someone paid for SkyUI. It was a terribly short-sighted idea to try to implement a paid system into something that had hundreds of different dependencies. And speaking of SkyUI, do you know why the creator wanted to monetize it? Because after being out for years and having millions of downloads, he said he had earned about $500 off of the Nexus donation feature. $500 over what, 4-5 years? for a mod that it is at (or near) the top of every "essential Skyrim mods" list, for a game that made millions. But you're saying that's okay, because no forced him to do it/it's a hobby/he made the game better for himself? Plenty of indie devs start out making games a hobby, creating games they want to play, are you saying they shouldn't be allowed to monetize their creations also? The reasons behind the creation shouldn't matter, if you make a quality product that millions of people get enjoyment out of, you should get something back. And while we're talking about money, do you realize what the initial split was? It was 25% to the modder, 25% to Steam, and 50% to Bethesda. Steam reduced its customary 30-35% fee, and allowed Bethesda to split up the remainder. Just something to think about while you decide which corporation you want to demonize. If you're worried about people charging lots of money for shitty mods, I'd recommend you take a word of advice from yourself and realize nobody is forcing you to buy every (or any) mod on the workshop.
  23. Help support the people who spend their time and effort improving our games? That's what I plan to do.
  24. But I don't know if you have any questions or concerns please visit the lockouts page.
  25. Oh boy, this topic is going to need a fallout shelter in a minute. I'm looking forward to someone making a settlement system that doesn't make me want to ragevomit, and adding some new weapons to the game.