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Everything posted by Valnac

  1. Server: USPC League Name: Angry Army Affiliation: Hero Started a League for anyone that plays DCUO, on the US PC Servers. PM CrymsonStryker, or Psyasa in game if you need an invite! -Valnac
  2. Just letting people know this mobile game has come out and is pretty fun! I searched and saw no AJSA in it, so I started one if anyone is interested in joining. Just hit Alliance, Search, and put in AJSA. I'm Valnac in game.
  3. That's good though. The contest is motivating you to go out and IMPROVE yourself with friendly competition. Just like sports and other competitions show the scores to motivate athletes. Arcades show High Scores, Olympics show Times and scores, Records show what you need to beat them and take the person's place. That'd be like people in the Guinness book of world records not seeing what they had to beat lol.
  4. So, we have no submissions so far? A place where we can see highest damage to beat?
  5. Looks interesting, more realism is welcome I say.
  6. I am V-A-L-N-A-C on PS3. Feel free to add me. Please mention in your friend request that you are from the AJSA. I try to keep my friends list clutter free. B-)
  7. I haven't seen a response to yay or nay on my question in the general discussion. My local friend just informed me of this console authorization thing you can do on the PS that let's you authorize up to 2 or 3 copies of a game you've downloaded on other consoles. I am seeking someone who is willing to authorize me to use their PS3 version of Destiny they downloaded via the PS Store. Let me know if someone is willing. PS: If there is an official ruling on this while I'm seeking someone, that it's not allowed, I'll delete this topic.
  8. Haven't found it VIA searching, so thought I would ask. Do we have any policies on sharing games with other members VIA console authorization sharing?
  9. Correct. That WAS what I was looking for. However, while searching for a step by step way to do this, I found this: ----------- The “PSN”/“SEN” TERMS OF SERVICE AND USER AGREEMENT says: **You must keep your password and other account details secret (other than your Online ID), and not share them with anyone else, to prevent unauthorised use of your Sony Entertainment Network account. If you share account details with someone who uses your account in breach of these Conditions or we believe that your account has been compromised, your account and/or access to Sony Entertainment Network may be suspended or terminated.** ----------- So, since it is against the terms, nevermind. I don't want to get anyone banned, or bring any issues to the AJSA. PS: I'll leave this up and not delete it as a searchable for those that ever look for an answer as I was doing.
  10. No responses? *bump*
  11. Ok well, since there's been no interest, guess it's doa. lol
  12. I have characters on both sides I need to get into these leagues. I've been hanging out in the TeamSpeak DCUO channel. If either of you get time please pop on down when you can and we can get my characters invited! -Valnac