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  1. I have had that happen alot. Its not the group that kicks, its the host. Also, I agree with Dan. Right now with all the exploits it seems that actually playing the game has gone out the window for now. So the best bet is to play with friends and crew members for jobs.
  2. I also found this, http://support.rockstargames.com/hc/communities/public/questions/200601287-Gta-5-online-hackers-everywhere- Rockstar will fix this and hopefully take out any counterfeit cash from everyone. So as long as you aren't the one giving out the bounties you should be safe from a ban.
  3. You can contact rockstar to adjust the amount, This might help you out. No worries of getting banned. If not, ill try and find the right link
  4. I like it so far, I only wanted to make race maps. I played 1 costume TDM match, and it was awful. Melee only is a cool concept, but it is executed poorly. Three people and I cant defend myself from the punches because they are invisible. on the subject of races, not so good so far. Maybe 1-2 maps I've played are OK. So I hope that I did better with my map. It's simple, medium/large, and should be played with more than 1 lap. http://rsg.ms/1c83PW4 It's a working title, and I hope to improve the map as a whole if needed. So if you would like to test it, I would appreciate it.
  5. I believe the stores give you a place to change. Just head to a cloths shop.
  6. That is awesome! Sorry to hear you may miss it, but thanks for the heads up. I probably would have missed it.
  7. All I want is a better multiplayer. Some may have liked the whole "custome classes" thing, but I liked halo more when everyone had to get the wepons on the map to gain advantage and use that weapon accordingly. With all these new built in perks, modifications, and such; I grew to hate the multiplayer. It was to far from what I had grown up playing over the series. But that's just what I think, I liked reach in some ways, but 4 changed way to much. So we can only see when it's here
  8. Well since the radio in game got very repetitive after like a week, yes I would like that. But I hated about 3/4ths of the stations to begin with. I just use my Pandora for music. So its a solution, but I can see why no costume music in game can be annoying.
  9. This was the first thing I played on my Xbone, and I gota say its great... but I suck at it. :/ I like the whole 1 character for free to play. It's like a demo, and for buying the full game you get a great deal for 20$. This gets you all characters and 2 more later down the line as well as costumes. I wouldn't Go 40$, but that's only because I'm a poor gamer after the Xbox was released. I'm not into many of fighters, but I think I can get the hang of this one in time. For a F2p fighter, It feels really good. Great tutorial, looks amazing, and well worth a mere 20$ for the whole deal. However I never did play the original, so I have nothing to compare it to.So from a new pair of eyes, It is worth the time and money if you choose to put that down.
  10. Top 5 1. Fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood 2. Deadman wonderland 3. Gurren lagann 4. Hellsing (Not to far in) 5. Trigun (Aslo not to far in)
  11. When I get on, I plan to buy me a new super car. Tired of losing to players with costume cars in matchmaking, So now I can at least be on some peoples level.
  12. I hate to see joe pissed off at a game, But damn is he good at it.
  13. That's interesting, thanks for that. I never even thought about that. As for the original question, I think everyone wanted BC. But we all saw that it wouldn't happen. I mean allot of the Xbox originals didn't on the 360. But that's what happens when we play console. I'm trying to get to P.C. games, but I'm broke and cant afford a great PC. I use my laptop for any games that work. So I just hope that the first few games on Xbone keep me interested enough to not need BC, but I doubt it.
  14. In some cases yes, but those are always extreme cases. Like as you said, if you cant get it in your country. I feel that if you want to play a game that is out of reach you can, in theory, just get it as a temporary place holder til the game is within your grasp. As long as you support the official release when you can, I feel there is no real wrong. But when you pirate a game with no legitimate excuse other than "I want it free". That is where you cross a line. Most developers need the money to keep going and to pay employees. You must always try and support officially anyway you can, and try to keep any illegal actions to a minimum.
  15. To me, yes. However I never used the grenade launcher. I also charge it up and try to revive them to full health. But if I cant do that in a pinch, I throw a health pack to compensate. I also find it to be a good source of Xp. But I also feel most players at least appreciate a revive.