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    I love RPGs and writing on quotev, I don't play horror games alot, but if I do its in the morning with all my lights on XD.I also love comedy anime.
  1. I can't wait to see the new mass effect I hope they take their time with it to make it as perfect as they can.
  2. I agree on the last of us in the beginning I watched the game and I cried
  3. Very good lessons I agree that you should never ever back down if you believe in something
  4. I don't think I could live in sword art online cause I can't fight at all and I don't wanna die in a game.
  5. Yea that is true and I think bioware will keep there promise on making more romantic connection than just a physical attraction that would be awesome.
  6. Lol very true it always seems that there's a loose kisian wanna be out stealing souls or a witch appearing.
  7. Lol true I didn't get that in mass effect. I also agree that alot of today's games are not as great as the older versions along with movies too. These were great lessons though I like learning what others have learned from the art of gaming.
  8. Aw those two are sad I didn't cry but still there were almost tears.
  9. Wow I've never had a game that stuck with me to make me cry over and over but some came close. I agree that when Leandra died in Dragon age two that was really sad to think what if that did happen.
  10. I also thought the scene where mordin gave himself up for the good of the krogens was well done but really sad it made me want to go in and save him then sometimes he even starts singing and its like NOOOOOO mordin don't die.
  11. Thank you and that is a really good lesson I think Dragon age was really influential with its story and how you did have to depend on others and develop relationships with them to better your character and make the best deductions possible.
  12. Sounds fun one piece would be fun to live in.
  13. I remember playing Mario 64 all the time that was one of my favorites
  14. It's popping up all over youtube now and it's funny to see their reactions it's also good to see how many good people there are in the world.