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  1. Please no... please..
  2. Anyone else having a lot of trouble with steam's music player? When i download soundtrack it doesnt even seem to show up in the music tab. :/
  3. Consumer: Woah i new block? Microsoft: $15 please..
  4. Thank you, so many people complain about him being OP, when he is super squishy and easy to dodge.
  5. I had someone with a private profile friend me the other day, i accepted it and that second he (the bot) sent me a message providing a link to a website with a random domain. I blocked, and reported this person and denied to click the link provided.. this has been happening more and more.. :/
  6. Anubis definitely i hate him so much.
  7. What does everyone think of ao kuange's model and name change? As of today he is now known as Kukulkan.
  8. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
  9. Oh okay thanks. It wouldn't work for me :/
  10. I would also like to know this as that link you provide leads me to the hi rez login screen. :/
  11. Mine were: halo, Sherwood Dungeon, and age of mythology, I probably have many more but i don't really remember than far.
  12. If you ever want to team up with me my username is: oogie386
  13. I have not played the game in so long. But i have been reading the news. And from what ive read they are making a new different game with the money, but everyone that owns rust will also get the new game aswell.
  14. I think they will be only sold on the alienware site. But im not sure
  15. If im not listening to the actual game sound, ill be listing to youtube with my headphones from my phone.