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    I'm trying to work up a career in video pre-post production focusing on training and documentation. Graphics, motion and photography as well as music (i play sax when it doesn't irritate my neighbors). I've gamed hard all my life since the Atari 2600 and the C64 but this is the first time in a very long while that I've engaged a community of fellow gamers and discussed and participated in gaming to this sort of degree. I'm really motivated to get/give all I can out of this community so that I have a new perhaps even better view of the industry since I often find myself agreeing with AJS members and Joe himself! I hope I can contribute some mildly entertaining stuff now and then myself even if its just solely for THIS collectives enjoyment; because at least I know someone in here will appreciate it, and that is good enough for me!
  1. YES!: This is what I'm playing right now. I'm a tad ... useless ... at figuring out how to 'find' people (like you guys for example) .. because all I've ever played online was like Gemstone 3 and Old Republic (which I have ONE L50 character in - didn't even finish the story yet) ... if I had a TEAM or GUILD to play with I'd be at it a lot more often (why I came here) .. but I dislike playing with kids I've never met before or don't have our code of conduct to play by. And their 'chat' system is kinda confusing to me.. to keep this short, lets just say I still have questions about it, I'm like L20, probably be higher than that by this evening, make a new character shortly, I'd like to know who I should be perhaps to well compliment my team/guild/buddies whatever. TEAM: I'd like to get one of those 'super groups' going, and have it so that we're all balanced out nicely, perhaps even a representation of a 'real' comics team (I saw a whole Fantastic Four team running around and I thought THAT was fantastic.. I want mutants though.. or avengers I suppose) don't REALLY care actually, just a team would be nice because I have NFI what I'm REALLY suppose to be doing. Too much single player stuff. SO THEN: So are you guys still playing then? Should I 'look' for you guys somehow? Can you reply to this specifically, so I get it in my email and know that you are at it because there is suppose to be this BIG EVENT this week and having some people around who know what they are doing is faster than me reading faqs I don't completely understand. Aren't there different servers and stuff? I'm a tad lost out there on my own.. just a bit.
  2. We need to invert this. We need to get THEM to play a game and CHARGE JUST FREAKING MILLIONS.. we can do it. This is war, we are warriors. So who here codes.
  3. He shouldn't be in the industry. I'm glad he's out of one of the best companies in the industry, he does it a disservice like many egotists do to their companies and the people they serve, their audience. You guys may find it interesting to read the story of what happened to Sears and here too ... its similar. Its like Day 1 DLC and "crunch time" and "release dates" and the other things we know are going to cause more harm than good, but ... CAPITALISM to its logical conclusion is starvation for all except one. No I'm not a commie, I like money, but some things are just plain stupid and not really in anyones interest at all. Learn business at AJS, come for the gaming, stay for the knowledge.
  4. Cry? No.. not cry. I've had anger, joy, I've been emotionally blown away by the depth of the content sometimes but ACTUALLY CRY? I remember playing Final Fantasy on a SNES (the one where you could have two players each controlling a share of the on screen battle) and a female character died and two college aged boys sitting there, VERY SAD.. "OMG, thats.. so.. sad." ..it was a revolutionary moment for me in gaming I believe. Then Ariel happen in 7 that too, it was heartbreaking but not enough to induce actual tears. DAMN I THINK MAYBE.. during the END of Spec Ops the line I believe I may have become.. "emotional" .. but actual tears, no. That game is so important, I need to get a younger player; a son of a friend of mine to play it to understand some of the context that drives these games. Then I need him to read BF Skinner too. He's just shy of 10 years old.. too young?
  5. I missed 4 because of lack of a console. But I'm still excited about 5 anyways, and yes I'll play it. When I first finished MGS1 I turned to my girlfriend and told her "NOW THAT, is what gaming should be, omg I can't wait to see how the industry reacts to this art! YOU need to play this babe, you NEED to play this game to understand what I've just experienced so we can talk about it. Because this is going to change everything." She was more in to Worms (those were our first cheap dates) .. couldn't understand the control scheme or application of items and stuff, so she instead watched me play it again, and agreed that it certainly was something special, she was in Political Science and felt that the insertion of real world political conditions was very intriguing. MGS is special. They should put 4 as an addon to 5 or something, you know its going to happen if it sells well.
  6. Beastmaster and The Necromancer of Madness said.. (to the effect of) This is fantastic. You help give so much credit to the medium, you should say this everywhere, please. Gaming gets a bad rap, and it sort of deserves it right now, but if you are gaining skills to use in the real world then THAT is doing its job, and GOOD ON YOU GUYS! NOW as for myself I've learned a lot of strategic and tactical and critical thinking. I know its a Reddit joke; but life is a game, an RPG. You can really level up. You can become stronger, smarter, gain wisdom, make connections (networking, my job is ALL based around networking), you find the things you are good at and you practice and .. 'level up' .. get those experience points! I got a secret for you guys.. (some of you may be aware of this already) Do you know how many hours you need to put in to something to become a MASTER at it? They say its 10,000 hours. Its grinding, right? LINK: Read about the rule right here and think about how you can better apply it to things you care about, be it gaming or music or video production. Oh I also learned A LOT about how operating systems and hardware and how digital communications work. I realized that I knew a lot more about what I was doing compared to everyone else.. (this is why I got my computers class credit by doing all the hardware upgrades to allow AutoCad to boot up before in less than an entire class - for stage design - it was revolutionary back then) this was in the early 90s, and prior to that it was blueboxing on my C64 in the mid 80s. I also learned game theory from BF Skinners work. This is why I'm about to go in to e-learning. I believe that gamification isn't completely a bad thing, and this is part of why gaming is important. I believe you've all learned more than you think you have. Its sometimes difficult to understand why or where we picked up what we know. Beastmaster proves that he's had many RL personal upgrades through gaming This is why I love this site, so many intriguing questions. Joe's a genius.
  7. Well, now I'm going to subscribe to him as well.. that will make TWO subscriptions now. I quite like him and I want to of course give him all the support I can from 2000 miles away no matter how much support you have, you are always alone with it. Cancer, chronic illness/pain.. I know about these things, I also know pointless loss, I know unfathomable rage, I known defeat over and over again, surviving it, thinking its over. GAMING.. btw.. is a great distraction, at least he has that. I'd hate to have had nothing but TV (god that would be horrible) or whatever else to comfort me, because even the illusion of still having freedom, can be convincing. I don't think I ever "sought out" the "escape" of gaming at first.. I think when I saw the escape I just desperately made a break for it. Which reminds me, though gaming is an entertainment industry, just like film, just like print news was once; but we have something special that can do things including specifically bringing people together on a level that has never happened before and we seriously do not know what these shared experiences fully mean yet to us as a civilization because we're still figuring it out as a community. I know it seems like its all IP and pre-order and DLC and console vs PC and AMD vs Nvidia, BUT at the same time it IS NOT actually about any of that and it really shouldn't be and we need to be mindful of that more often. There were reasons we cared about gaming before we became "gamers", before we were "fan boys" or "REVIEWERS" for that matter. I'm sure that I'm preaching to the choir but just in case, remember that you may need gaming one day. Don't fuck it up before then. I'm going to subscribe and say Hi.
  8. Well whatever I can do to help (aside from money which I don't have) Joe produce more content I'll be happy to do. Its why I came here (partly anyways). I mean, I don't subscribe to ANYTHING on YouTube EXCEPT AngryJoe, why? Because he is doing it EXACTLY like I wanted to it except he made it happen, I can't help but completely and totally respect the shit out of that. And I agree with him like 90% of the time anyways (that 10% is often DC comics related), how can I not get behind that? If I had money, would Kickstart. But I don't, so I can only support AJS as a loyal fan. I send Joes reviews to people who DO NOT typically read video game reviews. I show people "this is how you do a professional yet hobby/passion driven YT channel you can be proud of.. and btw, he's spot on about that title" and I know people are impressed with his work who normally wouldn't care, they can see hard work and polish even though they have never played HALO. Go figure, eh?! So I'm going to stick around if he does do more reviews or not and when I finally find a game I want to play with a crew again you guys will be playing it, so I'll know its a good investment at that point (outside of college I have never had a gaming crew before - this is why I'm very excited to get some action on with you guys in the very near future - it was time for me to get back involved with stuff I love again). AJS seems to work for me, if it works for me, it'll work for other guys too.. he's doing something right, its literally that simple and many of us seem to have the same enthusiasm which is frigging great. Stay the steady course Joe, if all I learn here is how to do it as well as you do then it will have been time very well spent.. and I have enough of that so I can't really lose. Also, if I need gaming advice (or how to use half of this 'stuff' in here 'teamspeak' for example) I now have 2000 people in here to ask for direction who share my enthusiasm for the industry and AJS, I wish everything was this straight forward. PS: I'm catching something in these messages about some negative aspect of YouTube that I must have missed. Did Joe have some.. negative experience which is exactly why I'm frigging terrified myself to do what he does? I USE to work in TV and theater.. thats civilized in comparison to YouTube. I mean he's brave as far as I'm concerned (yur brave joe!) and thats too bad to hear that our culture still has these issues, specially with JOE?! WTF?! Ah well, I remember as a kid getting prepared for the new TV fall line up and all the specials that every network would run to promote the shows and Saturday mornings, and I have the exact same feeling right now.. gaming season is on its way and I bet this will be Joes best season yet! No way will it be a 'downgrade' or something, no, not going to happen and this time I have a great seat to watch it all happen.. to be honest I'm more concerned with a complete and total meltdown of the industry itself than Joe 'failing' to publish. PPS: I like TotalBiscuit too but I'm not subscribed.. maybe I should just for balance.
  9. HEY! Yeah I'm enthusiastic about everything. Wow this is awesome that you guys share your work with each other and stuff.. thats cool enough for sure. I'm just glad to have a gaming place to hang out at with folks that obviously feel similar to me about gaming; like I almost ALWAYS agree with Joe completely so I'm betting most of the people who are signed up here obviously do too otherwise.. they'd be over at IGN.. right? Thanks for the warm welcome! You guys rock!
  10. Hey! I don't have much to say other than I've been a fan for a long time now, but I recently subscribed and now I find out there is a forum to join and I can talk to other people who also probably find that Joe's views reflect their own in the gaming world and want to help out more and be more involved, but with people they WANT to be involved with, and thats me! I want to hang with the angry gang! Serious, besides I think like Joe IS the only channel I'm subscribed to I think, right now anyways. Maybe TB too. SO JOE! I hope you get this or someone directs you to me, one thing I LOVE about the show is your CGI backgrounds and stuff, and I have some pretty good talent video pre and post production, and a lot of time on my hands.... I'm recovering from spinal cord surgery and well I'm at home a lot. I can get around not to bad and stuff, not ALWAYS in a wheelchair, in fact, been out of it more than in it lately. Anyways, Joe I'd LOVE TO HELP OUT! Can you and I collaborate somehow? Like would having a second graphics guy ready to crank out a game you are about to review and sending you extra material, or perhaps even doing all the effects and shipping the bits back to you as they get done ... would that be helpful? Is there any small thing I could do sometime shortly just to show you what I can do? MAYBE A LETS PLAY for AJS .. or why don't you check out my video I made after life had no meaning after ME3. (read the vid text, many of these were made, I still think mine is the best.. of the clinched unoriginal videos.. thats not saying a lot - lol) Um.. and I did a commercial for a friend just as an exercise recently.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRSj1DHoRA There is my (wasted) time I spent at an Occupy trying to get footage good enough for one documentary.. this was literally the BEST PIECE I was able to put together from that disaster.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=YF3ek41AYqc#t=72 ...now that I've become totally jaded against political activism and hate the left and right equally I'm finishing up my political activism with an Occupy... well... they stuff they didn't want people to see.. its all about to come out.. the blurry videos that Glenn Beck were trying to show how de-generative the scene there was - well I HAVE THE REALLY NICE QUALITY ONES that were taken close up, but I'm actually sinking TIME in to that one cuz its my big KMA to the wacky left! NOW THAT ONE is going to show case some ACTUAL talent. So I have other stuff, but most of its pretty, lame (activisity). And I have other stuff that has nice art but no context. So.. I could use some portfolio work and if you guys ARE trying to start a revolution against the gaming industry against DLC and intrusive DRM, PreOrdering, well, I not only share your opinions but I have actual experience getting pepper sprayed and tear gassed, taken prisoner (arrested) in places like Montebello and Montreal ... I'm not just a gamepad warrior. AND SO.. I can really help create some material and .. if one thing people are asking you for more of Joe.. its material! ANYWAYS I just moved apartments so I'm a little, unorganized in here right now, my system totally needs a reinstall because, its just not acting as it should be. I'm trying to tie up this one last video I gotta do, I gotta burn some bridges (cuz thats what you do in warfare) and make sure I NEVER feel like getting involved in political activism without serious direction and leadership ever again. IN FACT.. gaming and its issues might be where I am best suited to be right now. And I can't think of anyone else I'd rather help with that message! Its why I signed up here! SO EXCITED TO BE HERE!!!!! -OPEX PS: (sorry for the formatting.. I'll get it right next post or two)