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    Church, games, friends and AJSA. Love you all and big shout out to the man himself Angry Joe.
  1. Fresh is sort of subjective here :3 Have been playing for quite some time xD
  2. If i some how wanted to or got kicked out from the current fc im in. I'll probably join this one :3
  3. I fully agree with Seph
  4. How is your guys ex primals and raiding process?
  5. Do you guys have any veterans? If not im willing to join in and help. Ilv is like 105 and have been off for a some months now but i still got the hang of it. Is it NA or EU and what does a char transfer cost?
  6. For the Horde! Long live the Banshee queen!
  7. Werent there enough people on the ps4 guild to play with since you mentioned the lack of the pc community was a problem?
  8. Hello to all of you ajsa ffxiv members! As we all now the ajsa guild currently on Jenova and the members (except for a few) have just vanished and semse to be dead, since the lack of activity on the forums. There for i would like to ask all of you, whats up? hows it going? I myself have been off ffxiv for a while now since the lack of interest but im willing to make a new start and perhaps try and make do of a new ajsa guild with you guys. I am well aware that im in no position of power to do so and there for i ask al of you to get your thoughts out and perhaps express how you feel about my idea and maybe get support from our leader if there is one. I think that most of the members in the ajsa community of ffxiv are just all about playing the game witch is nice and good and maybe thats the reason why nothing has happened in here. But offcourse that's just theroies and mere speculations. In any case i really feel like representing the ajsa in something i can play and give support on, and since i dont find any other games that the ajsa support any good, i really would like to give ffxiv a try Because of the fact that there's been no recent posts or topics during the last few months, i myself wanted to see if there is anyone still out in this feed and perhaps feeling the same way i do.
  9. You shall serve the Horde, or be crushed beneth it!
  10. Everytime i se this topic in my feed i automaticely think of the line -Do you belive in magic! Just wanted it said
  11. WoW and gmod ttt (trouble in terrorist town)
  12. A recent 9gag post showcased a article of a dead ebola victim coming back to life. Shut down all the borders, grab your gun, get some supplies and run to the nearest bunker.