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  1. Hedrikz liked a post in a topic by TheRevenant in How to apply to the free company   
    If you ever leave your other group, we'll be more then happy to take you in. We're always looking for fresh blood.
  2. Hedrikz liked a post in a topic by Jayson's Rage in Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 game request   
    I'm assuming, by your response, you did not read what you were linked to.
  3. Hedrikz liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Happy new year to all of you!! (something to start of with)   
    I've been off FFIV for a while. I was playing on the PS4 but got more heavily involved with the XBox community around June just and haven't really touched the game since. We did have a guild running from the PS4 (The games runs cross-compatible servers, so it doesn't really matter what platform one plays it on) and FFXIV first got supported through that community. I knew the game officer in charge pretty well and it's what he went through with the people above him in the AJSA that caused the the whole thing to collapse. No gonna go into details, of cource.
    The problem we seemed to have is we couldn't drum up much support from the PC community. Why is anyone's guess, (Maybe the game was to old and people had stopped playing it on the PC?), so given how long this has been going on I wouldn't get my hopes up about making this successful as you might just run into the same problem. I am willing to try and help out though if there is enough people will to get involved.
    I would suggest sending a message to the PS4 community officer WITHASTICK as he can find out how many people around there are still playing/willing to play the game. As for the PC, other that re-awakening this sub form and chatting to the powers that be in the AJSA like Seph and DamionRayne.
    Other than that, best of luck
  4. Mr. Molotov liked a post in a topic by Hedrikz in Do you believe in zombie apocalypse?   
    Everytime i se this topic in my feed i automaticely think of the line -Do you belive in magic!
    Just wanted it said
  5. Hedrikz liked a post in a topic by Raizurhk in Xbox One failed in Japan   
    I reckon the xbox one wasnt liked in Japan because its bigger then the average Japanese person.
  6. Hedrikz liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PC   
    Now the PC gamers can suffer through it as well.
  7. Hedrikz liked a post in a topic by Shadow Paladin in All AJSA members, please start liking posts!   
    This isn't as much of a suggestion as it is a call to arms, or, likes in reality.
    I notice that even the most popular pages have 1-2 likes, if any. This is not a good thing. Everyone here at AJSA should take the time to like a post if they are in agreeence with it, especially when it comes to posts about suggestions.

    This will help strengthen the community. While it might be the slightest of things, it still helps distinct certain posters and specific posts out from others.

    So, if you agree with me, please do leave a like and some feedback.
  8. GoggsFS liked a post in a topic by Hedrikz in Hi everybody!   
    Welcome mate. Always good to se that theirs people out there interested in the AJSA
    Try checking out our general discusion to talk about your thoughts and ideas ^^
  9. Hedrikz liked a post in a topic by Nivmarx in Super Smash Bros 3ds/Wiiu   
    I'll absolutely get it. It's the game I'm looking forward to the most!
  10. Hedrikz liked a post in a topic by Jimmeh in COD: Modern Warfare-Ghost **[Poll added]**   
    I'd say no, because Joe's mission is to find and play games to see if they are truly good games, and then to spread the word about them. Call of Duty is really not a great game. Some games in the franchise were great, but this is another copy and paste game that we all hate. It's way too popular and I think we should branch out to only good games and not games that are mainstream... Unless if we want to win a popularity contest.
  11. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Hedrikz in How about another MMO?   
    I feel like the angry army doesn support that many mmos at the time being. What better way is there to spend time with AJSA out questing, raiding and loads of other stuff.
    Bottom line is simple, do you think the AJSA will or maybe going to support Arc Age?
    Leave your thoughts and ideas below!

  12. Hedrikz liked a post in a topic by Jackie in Attack On Titan Tribute game by Feng   
    It's a really cool but fiendishly hard game. Like to join for some titan hunts
  13. Hedrikz liked a post in a topic by DoctorEvil in Hello, I'm DoctorEvil, a Council Man   
    [begin Haiku Mode:]
    In the beginning--
    Fighting the eternal war
    Upon Guild Wars 2,
    Fought we in Stonemist;
    The castle we claimed for
    The Army of Joe.
    Wearing red and black,
    We moved to Auraxis
    To fight our new foe.
    There events we held,
    Galaxies were lit aflame,
    Flashes ran to ruin.
    In forums of old,
    The spam was never-ending,
    Yet still we banned.

    Rebirth upon us--
    The Army marches again,
    Doctor Evil goes.

    Also I wait for
    Star Citizen and Hex with
    hopeful excitement.

    Crap, someone help me
    Stop talking in damn Haikus
    [End Haiku Mode:]