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  1. Hey AJSA members, Im starting a raidgroup for ps3 users for Destiny. You will have to be in the EU due to raid times. (GMT+1) 7pm-11pm. if you are interested leave a comment below with your PSN: and ill add you. or you can go ahead and add me: SeksyTimes Cheers
  2. Yo, ill make lvl 20 1st on ps3 for AJSA! but I won't record. to lazy to figure it out though. I might make a TV screenie with phone and post it here.
  3. Hey AJSA members, I will be starting Destiny as of tomorrow (like most of you) but im adding people for a PS3 EU raid group for the Vault of glass, times: GMT+1 19:00 - 23:00 we can decide on what raid days when we have 6 people together. Leave a comment below if you are interested with your PSN and ill add you. Cheers,
  4. So if we are all playing Destiny, how does it work to join the Army guild/clan ingame itself, do you sign up on the website. Can someone elaborate on that? Im new, so that's why im asking this question. Got he game pre-ordered btw and can't wait! haha
  5. Hey Everyone, New to the AJSA, been following Joe's youtubes for a while now and decided to join his army. Here are a few things I would like to do/achieve while being part of this Gamer army. Gaming Background. My 1st ever game I got into really "hardcore" would have been Age of empires 1&2. and some Red Alert 1&2. when I grew older, I got into the MMO scene. and never left, played WoW, Lineage 2 (best game everrr! haha), and been playing FFXIV: ARR the last year, since I quit starting this summer. Before that I was in the top 10 best guilds in the game (Embrace or Sunshine) and had a lot of fun for a year. but I got everything out of that game that I wanted. So it's time to look further. I haven't found anything worth playing yet. I did however pre-order Destiny, so gonna try to sink many hours in that one. and looking forward to Kingdom under fire 2. theorycraft why are games going down hill so rapidly the last couple of years, is it this generation? are there no Dev's with original ideas? or is making money their only goal and they won't take risks on this market? Any how, I can fill evenings on TS about those topics. So yea since there is nothing worth playing that I know of, I spend most of my time searching the web about upcomming games, theorycrafting and video game philosophy. Hope to see you ingame! Seksy
  6. Hey I'm new to the AJSA but I would still like to add my 2 cents to this topic. I played Firefall with a friend to check it out. But since the AJSA wants to bring gamers together and improve the current games (reason I joined). I don't think supporting Firefall would be the right move, this game is so boring and dull. It just falls in the same mistakes most if not all MMO's are making. in the intro the dipict you as this awsome soldier that is supposed to save the universe and yet the 1st 4 hours of the game you are helping mothers find childeren that are hunting eggs that you have to return. it's basicly run simulator 2.0 (since ESO was 1.0). and like they said it doesn't have that much "army" potential. I wouldn't recommend this game. Seksy