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    Gaming, writing, music (I love playing guitar, I'm not that great at it, but I find enjoyment in it), and of course my loving wife and child.
  1. I guess a few disappointments, in my opinion, would be the ending to Mass Effect 3, Destiny (in general), and the fact that they will never remake or create a sequel to Legend of Dragoon. Basically I feel the same way that most people do in regards to the ending to Mass Effect 3 and the entirety of Destiny, but the fact that they will never make a sequel or recreate Legend of Dragoon just bugs me. I thought the game was awesome when I was younger, but as I grew older I realized its flaws. It's just sad that if they added more depth to the script and characters and redid the graphics along with steering the combat away from the turntable-based style, then they could have possibly created something to appease my generation and even draw in new fans. Learning that they had once planned a sequel that ultimately was scrapped in the end was like a bullet to the heart.
  2. I honestly want better armor choices. I want armor that's not as bulky as power armor but has all the same attributes. I always preferred regular bullets over the energy weapons and it was wierd watching my character in power armor wielding a repeater lol.
  3. I hope Vaan or Hope is available so I can spend my time using Akuma to kick their asses.
  4. I know, I think it does too. I don't understand how people couldn't like it. The characters don't look as bulky as SFIV anyway. The combat looked smooth and watching one of the characters kick the other through a wall kindof reminded me of the destructible boxes and shit in SFII.
  5. I would honestly think Final Fantasy characters would be some kind of DLC or maybe an unlockable feature. I don't think they would have a major contribution to the story for the integrity of the project. If they were to include Final Fantasy characters they would probably be the ones who relied on Martial Arts like Zell, Tifa, Yang, Sabin, Rikku (she used some kind of claw in FFX), and maybe even Snow.
  6. Lol, I didn't know if I posted the link the video would actually show up.
  7. I know there have been other Street Fighter V posts on the forum in general, but I came across some news only a couple of minutes ago. I've been recently watching Maximillian Dood on Youtube cuz I like watching his boss rage segments and hearing his thoughts and news breaks regarding fighting games and the fighting game genre. Now you have to excuse me but I'm not really tech savvy so I don't know how to post the video but I can post links (YEAH!!!!), but I came across some interesting news that I thought I should share. Basically Max was talking about Street Fighter V being demoed and I think he mentioned something about Daigo Umehara I think being there and all this other shit. Anyways he showed the backdrop of the game logo at this convention, or whatever it was. This backdrop of course consisted of the Street Fighter V logo, a background that looked like Darkstalkers (in his opinion anyways) and a copyright logo which said ©2013 SQUARE ENIX All Rights Reserved. Now according to Max, Ono acknowledged the copyright but couldn't make any comments about the "possible" relationship. According to the video which was posted today, Square Enix could possibly have something to do with creating the story (which I agree would be badass), maybe even offering a few DLC characters from Final Fantasy. So opinions?
  8. I've been discharged from the military since April of 2013. I already packed on a bunch of weight due to an injury, getting married, and my wife having a baby. My future career choice involves me getting into shape. I need to start running, but about a month ago I started getting in to weight lifting. I was watching a wrestling match and I wondered what some of the wrestlers do so I looked on Randy Ortons website and see what he works out everyday. Since then I've been going strong. I work out at home since I hate working out in front of other people. The only bad thing is that the weights are fucking expensive. I'm getting my late Christmas present in a couple of days and it's a 300 lb. weight set for $200. I'm kind of at that point where it's like I want this weight set, but I also want this game. Holler at me if you know where I can get some cheap dumbbells.
  9. I liked the first Dragon's Dogma. I think the Pawn system was stupid but I can look past it because the gameplay and the concept of fighting larger enemies was cool. I think it would work well as an MMO, when I first started playing the game it seemed to have the same elements so I was surprised when it wasn't multiplayer you know. So I'll play it, I just hope they minus out the subscription fee, that's the only thing that is keeping me from playing FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.
  10. I posted a thread like this on the PS4 Forum a couple of months back. I was convinced that maybe the series would continue based on the Indoctrination Theory but I was clearly wrong. I think WithaStick mentioned something about it being mainly about exploration instead of a space opera, think of it as Star Trek instead of Star Wars. Now as for the story and the characters, I have my theories. It's been said that the game will take place the same time that Shepard was taking on the reapers. That means the story with the reapers may play a small part but within a larger plot. So I believe the story is of a man/woman who is freelanced through the alliance (if the character is human anyway) to scout out other galaxies as a backup plan in case the battle with the reapers ends up the worse it could possibly be. In that case the contractor (I guess) has to work with an entire group of other humans and races, some he or she is stuck with from the beginning, others happen to be ones they pick up during the journey. As for the renegade and paragon thing, renegade would have you probably become some kind of pirate or conquerer while the other is a peaceful explorer who is trying to take a more diplomatic approach to appeasing the different races throughout the multiple galaxies. If this happens, it's going to add on different armor types, different weapons, probably different ships, different species (of course), and so on and so forth. I think it could be a gripping story if done right. Plus on top of that it would probably offer a lot more in conversation and romance. Plus I can't even imagine the exploration. I mean could you picture exploring Andromeda possibly?
  11. In 2001 I spotted Megaman Legends 2 at Biggs and saw that it was priced at $30. Prior to that I had heard of the Megaman Franchise but I had never played a Megaman game or even heard of the Megaman Legends series. It took me like 2 months to save up the money for that game and that was a lot of money at the time for me to take a blind leap of faith in purchasing it. I absolutely loved every minute of that game and I don't regret buying it one bit. Kind of sad that they were not able to make a third one since the second ended on a such a massive cliffhanger.
  12. I thought about it and I would like a prequel to take the player back all the way to the days of the Sindar. They were kind of a mystery throughout the entirety of the series and I would honestly like to know more about them at least through the eyes of a Sindarian (?). I think Lorelai from Suikoden V (I and II as well) was a direct descendant.
  13. They're in the same world, they just take place at different times. I know that Suikoden 4 and 5 take place before the first one (4 being a couple hundred years prior, and 5 only a few years prior). Suikoden 2 and 3 are direct sequels to the first one. I think Teirkreis takes place in a different world, but I cant say anything about all the other renditions of the franchise.
  14. Mortal Kombat X Final Fantasy XV (That's probably going to be a 2016 release though) Final Fantasy Type 0 HD MGS5 That's about it in no particular order. Off the top of my head that's all I got.
  15. Dude I would rather wait another year than have them release a half-finished product. It took Bioware almost 4 years to release Dragon Age Inquisition and personally I think it was well worth the wait. You can't rush art, so I'd rather wait, you know?