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  1. So If you know me you'd know I was on a little hiatus. Been busy. Place looks different. So what's new?
  2. Add me to the list shag. I'm back.
  3. I dont know what but lets play some vidya games. Or talk...
  4. Yo you know who it is, so cmon and add your little helper to the list.
  5. pretty hyped about this beta I just hope that this "takedown" system isnt like BF4's knife system.
  6. It makes more sense if you read the prequel comic. which is hella dumb because no average cod player is going to read the stupid comic.
  7. Imagine yourself in a frozen forest.... thoughts on the story? it hurt my brain for a bit.
  8. I am banned till Wednesday 9pm eastern. Apparently it's from someone that sent ME hate speech and I replied "Leave me alone" that was on gta a month ago.
  9. I would but there isn't any way to contact them about this issue
  10. SO apparently Ive been banned for a few days for harassment and profanity in Xbox live, which is funny since ive only been playing fallout 4 for the past week and i cant even use my headset due to a ear injury and the whole thing is just really pissing me off. Point of all this? I hate people...
  11. Add me to the list.
  12. Very informative thanks for the update.
  13. On a side note, Iron banner matchmaking is fucking horrible.
  14. Self-explanatory, Enjoy your time with either your family, Xbox, bed , significant other or whatever, just have a good one! -Native
  15. Beta is pretty boring.