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  1. I just started playing not too long ago. Let me know you're from the AJSA forums.
  2. what a bunch of haters life of black tiger > destiny 2
  3. I was correct
  4. willem dafoe as ryuk is perfect LOL. However Light and L are garbage trash tier casting choices. The Director doesn't even understand what made Death Note great.
  5. Because it's clear that the director has little understanding of what made the original great. Aside from L being Black and Light being White. Oh and they chose a shitty director. http://www.polygon.com/2016/9/16/12941782/death-note-adam-wingard-netflix
  6. He should still finish it.
  8. so far he hasn't really kept his promise, angry "reactions" are getting a bit annoying it's essentially filler as well as his movie reviews. But we'll see, we just all know it's much easier to release and show those instead of typical game reviews, it does seem like he spends a lot of time going out and planning movie trips though. His channel is filled with "Angry Reactions" and "Angry Movie Reviews" and imo angry joe is a much better video game critic then a movie critic.
  9. Sony should help produce the game. They'll get a lot more exclusives.
  10. gg xbox one exclusives.
  11. just beaten this game, one of the most underrated games of the year by far. Story isn't as good as some other Final Fantasy's however the battle system and over-all gameplay is awesome.
  12. yeah, sorry about being offtopic too. I felt like he was just being waaay too nitpicky about FFXV escpecially when the majority of music was good. I personally think he was just rushing the review or somewhat. He doesn't seem to be as on point as usual, but then again Joe was never a fan of MGS or FF games in general he didn't grow up with those kinds of games like the majority of RPG Playstation and or NES gamers.
  13. I hope Ronda gets her groove back sometime. I like her honestly more then other UFC fighters.
  14. Joe seems to be a bit off recently... I highly disliked his top 10 "Review of FFXV" Seriously? The Music Sucks? Come on now? The Driving Sections were not that bad either. Anyways. I like Joe but he just seems to be burnt out, and or doesn't feel like making videos. I personally think he should take as much time off as needed, OF COURSE, this could end up hurting him as people might stop watching him. Which is why he probably pads out his channel with Movie reviews and first impression trailers because they are much easier to do. Oh and honestly I think AJ should stop listening to spoony about how bad FF is... Spoony can be quite ignorant at times. And I do feel that OTHER JOE is an integral part of his Angry Reviews. Other Joe is awesome! But then again IDK, it does take up more time with Other Joe. Maybe Other Joe can do LP's by himself and or with Joe on the channel? IDK. Or maybe they can switch it out, have some reviews with Other Joe and have some other reviews without him? Have those quick reviews with just AJ's original review format without Joe and when they have time Other Joe will be in those.
  15. Sadly This is the case the director said so here http://www.polygon.com/2016/9/16/12941782/death-note-adam-wingard-netflix and Yeah it's dumb, I think this director has no idea what he's doing.