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  1. Hello I am on Ps4 and just bought a server, Best Bf4 Premium Map Mix, which contains maps from all the DLC's. I would appreciate anyone giving this a try.
  2. Although BF4 has its MANY faults of which you are probably aware if you can find a great platoon then BF4 is 1000% worth it, just remember it WILL have errors.
  3. The BIG thing you have to get here is that the GTA 5 world is rendered using only 512mb of RAM, basically it is a tech feat that a game like GTA 5 even runs on it and still looks as decent as it does.
  4. I figured just wanted to confer.
  5. DCUO from my experiences would not be played regularly enough and is "too free to play" for my taste.
  6. Alright, well I have a PS4 and would like to become more involved online but just wonder if we will have servers on BF4 and other games for next-gen?
  7. Why do you need to ask this.
  8. People who don't play objectives.
  9. Yeah Planetside 2 would be my top pick for free FPS.
  10. Nice to have a Vet in the AJSA welcome home.
  11. Well at least I hope that COD starts to fade because Ghosts is not impressive and Battlefield needs to get more variety to stay alive.
  12. Yeah the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions don't do justice to Battlefield and should not be played.
  13. PSN: BECKYBRIMLEY69 Im a male F.Y.I
  14. That is actually kind of sad because GTA online had some real potential for greatness.
  15. Not to be cheap but yeah Battlefield takes the cake with all of the team play aspects.