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  1. vaanhide liked a post in a topic by SeasonedGamer in SgtRoss reporting as ordered!   
    Nice to have a Vet in the AJSA welcome home.
  2. duketornir611 liked a post in a topic by SeasonedGamer in Free FPS   
    Yeah Planetside 2 would be my top pick for free FPS.
  3. munchmagic86 liked a post in a topic by SeasonedGamer in Must Owns from this Gen we may have missed ?   
    If you have a PS3 the indie game Journey is fantastic along with Shadow of The Colossus.
  4. SeasonedGamer liked a post in a topic by Odnomre in battlefront 2   
    I'm pretty sure this forum is about last gens as in PS3 and X360... Not the PS2. Sorry man. The game was fun but this is not the place to talk about this.
  5. SeasonedGamer liked a post in a topic by JillyMcFillly in What Games Need a Sequel?   
    Red dead 2 would be awesome. One of my favorite stories in a game ever.
    And no worries. Mass effect 4 is already being made
  6. SeasonedGamer liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in AJSA Launch Day Debriefing! Nov. 7th, 2013   
    *Whew!*  WOW.
    What a day man. It's been crazy as hell over here among command during Launch Day for The New Angry Army! I am really taken back and humbled by how much support you guys have shown me and our new community!
    Get this... 5,814 Members, apart from our stealth launch where we got around 300 members, those all came within just one day, less even! We launched around 3:00pm. So its actually been about 9 Hours! LOL! Wowie!
    Good GOD! You see this is why! This is exactly why. I really respect the fact that when I make a video or ask for your support you guys come through, and so that's why I tried my best and worked my butt off to create something that looked good and had some of the best features around for you. Now I'm no where near finished yet, and now that you have shown us so much support im only going to redouble my efforts to make this the best community we can make it!
    As a direct result though you guys obliterated my dedicated server, lol. The site went down almost immediately. I got on the phone ASAP and was troubleshooting and tweaking the settings with my host nearly the whole way through! 
    I apologize for the crashes and slow loading times. Angry Bot on Teamspeak which assigns you guys the correct permissions also got knocked the eff out by your might, lol. I'm currently repairing him with his creator.
    Anyway the server people tell me that even with my current configuration there is not much else they can do if we plan to maintain these levels of traffic or if we continue to push very directed youtube traffic to the servers at one time. They have recommended me adding one possibly two servers and even a load balancer that should be able to offset this in the future. Unfortunately that's pretty expensive. They are putting together some options for us and will get back on Friday.
    On the flip side, we absolutely destroyed our November Site & Server Goals, hell it was at 95% just from the Stealth Launch Users alone! So what may end up having to happen is to raise this goal to cover the costs of running those new servers if we decide to upgrade and add em'! I want to personally thank (and have been in the forums) everyone who has donated so far, and everyone who has signed up to the Club Memberships we offer - the Club Memberships allow us to know for sure how much the guild treasury will have each month to cover our costs and allow us to do some of the cool things we have planned! Thanks to everyone who helped and to those who plan to help in the future!
    There still much I have to do, more people and club members to thank in the forums, features to fix and upgrade for the site yet. So please stay tuned for that!
    Also, the AJSA Recruitment video will be going up on AngryJoeShow youtube tomorrow, please be on the lookout for it and give it another view! Spread the word too! See you guys then.

    This post has been promoted to an article
  7. SeasonedGamer liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in Code of conduct rule #4?   
    Here's how it will work.
    If you refuse to wear the AJSA tag (which I dont know why, why would you want to be apart of our community if you dont want to do the bare minimum of representing us in various places?) then you can still play with us, but you will be limited to the RECRUIT Rank only.
    The easiest thing is to make it this the requirement up front across the board for all MEMBERS regardless of game. We are doing a lot here to try to build the best community for you guys, so a small thing like asking for you to give back by wearing our tag seems relatively harmless and a win win for both parties.
    1. All MEMBER Ranks and above will be required to wear the [AJSA] tag in Games we play that support the TAG option or a FREE NAME CHANGE.
    2. If the Game doesn't support Tags or Forces Paid name changes then you do not have to display the AJSA tag if you already signed up with another account.
    3. If you already have a clan or guild in a game that you are required to wear the tag in then stay with your current clan or guild if you don't want to leave them. Alternately (at least for the time being) you can still play with us, as a RECRUIT level only in that specific case.
  8. SeasonedGamer liked a post in a topic by Just-Dayle in Any Mass Effect fans out there??   
    Mostly just asking out of curiosity and seeing as its N7 day so if your a fan let me know what you love about it plus some details like Shepard s class, Love interests, fav squad mates etc. Lets get a discussion going!
  9. SeasonedGamer liked a post in a topic by Bhamkey in What games are you currently playing, and are enjoying them?   
    Hey everyone,
    I thought I will start a topic where we can share the games we are playing at this moment, and share your thoughts on those games.
    I am currently playing Battlefield 3. I am very new to BF3, started just couple days ago, but I am really enjoying it. I've been having some good games and a couple of bad once, but overall, the game is great and I am a bit addicted to it at the moment.
    Yesterday I have completed Batman Arkham Asylum, I am late for that game too, even though I had owned the game for a quite some time, I had other games which occupied my time.  The game was fun, I most certainly enjoyed the boss fights. The game is not too difficult, but I was stuck on some stages of the game. I will most likely start Batman Arkham City in couple of days.
    I tend to play variety of different games, from older once to the new once.
    I play my games on my Playstation 3, but I am looking to play FPS (BF4 and Ghosts on my Laptop, if it will be able to handle them), but I will continue to play all my video games on my PS3, and in the near future on PS4.
    Sorry for missing out on a word in the topic title, I meant to write 'What games are you currently playing, and why are you enjoying them?', cannot edit the topic though.
  10. SeasonedGamer liked a post in a topic by kirilenko in Shipping half done games   
    Funny thing is, most people blame developers for this kind of stuff and it's really not them, it's the publishers. The trend of DLC and half finished games has grown huge, and I'm afraid it's only gonna get worse. Publishers found a way to make much more money out of a single game that they could before and apparently most of us are willing to pay for it. At the end of the day it's business, and if it makes them more money and no one is complaining (the sad truth is most people really don't care) they've struck gold.
    To avoid buying half done titles, I mostly buy them some time after release, when they neatly bundle up all the content in one package and sell you everything for half the price. 
    Not all games are like this ofcourse.