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  1. I'd also like to mention that all these items can be purchased in the game store with "gems", the payed currency. Additionally gems can be exchanged for in-game money and vice versa.
  2. I don't quite agree with GW2 being mostly PvP. It has a great PvE experience as well. Roaming around the PvE ground and participating in many random world events is real fun too. There are many dungeones to choose from as well, it's just that they all became repetitive for veteran players, but they are still fun to play for new people. Generally, in my poinion, it's a game absolutely worth buying in either case if you're PvP or PvE player.
  3. Hello everyone! My name's Daggerhand, or Dagger/Dag for short and I'm a gamer from Poland. I own PC (obviously) and PS3 and enjoy playing most kinds of games. I kinda suck at PvP competitions, but still have fun playing co-op games, both PvP and PvE, with bunch of people that are more about the fun than winning. What is there to say more? I've learned about AJS from a friend who once showed me one of his reviews and pretty much liked the show because of Joe's criticizing approach and creativity in his videos, so I've become a regular fan since then. Today I thought that there's no harm in joining the community, so here I am, writing my introdution and stuff. I hope to find some cool people to talk and play with and strenghten ranks of the Angry Army.