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    wandering around Tyria and getting myself in trouble with the charr and fighting the skritts for shinies; exploring the hallows of Skyrim and running away from draugrs; busy dealing my luck on the cards in an inn where the innkeeper's too jovial between the orcs from Orgrimmar and the dwarves; arguing about the role of supports and semi-carries in the eternal battle of Radiant and Dire and improving my overall gameplay -- As well as putting a budding love story with Katarina and Garen.



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  1. Actually, that's a good idea. Jeb, Shadow, Demonbane. We should celebrate Jeb's Hnoorary Arua status by stealing Muzical's guild prom dress.
  2. May we see you in Tyria, son. But first. READ THE ANGRY ARMY CREDO. And start getting insane.
  3. Since you're copying and pasting as well... I can't believe that you too are taking responsibility when you don't want it! XD But what a wise person once said may be true. The best people in the leadership role would be the ones who doesn't want it the most, but finds they fit the role well. Congratulations on the promotion Goodnuff. If anything fails well. Blame Jeb. PS : meaning I have to shoulder responsibility in a more serious light
  4. ... what? it's easy. Tyler is the hugely responsible guild leader now. Senju is the crazy nut. there you go.
  5. First off, congrats Tyler for the promotion. Second off, talk about not wanting responsibility and jumping to the top tier of responsibility, dude! Hahahaha! Ahem. Again, congratulations for the promotion. I am sure you would lead the guild to more craziness, more insanity, more ass-kicking stupidity, and of course! Our guild longevity and our fun times that we have in the guild. Go forth, buddy. PS: Now, should we blame Tyler now?
  6. Oh dear. Very sad to hear about that Jebs. But hey it would be good to have a discussion with the rest of the higher ups in the guild.
  8. updated to add the date, time and day. and I thought you lot should know when from Jeb's timetable! XD
  9. Hello guildies! This month's dungeon diving would be pretty simplistic an affair where we will go into: Twilight Arbor - primary base of Nightmare Court Day / Time / Date (as explained on the Event Timetable Post) : Saturday, 2:00 pm server time, 6 hours before Treeps' event; 12 December on my end. Gather at Twilight Arbor an hour before event time. This is for both the story line and the explorable mode as well. Runs will be done once, although arguments can be made for more-than-one time: if there's enough people. Karaoke optional. Doylaks and dolyaks are recommended. Blame Jeb. - Senju
  10. Can I request for this to be archived, please?
  11. Because, we need their portals to port us to places some of us can't reach with our limited skillset and abilities. Plus, when you're a chronomancer, Well of Precognition is VERY, VERY, VERY good. And personally I love the Well of Gravity that tosses your foes around.
  12. Yes there will be. I'll see to it that at least we try and do it once every week hopefully.
  13. Having a lot of alternate characters in Guild Wars 2 = Alt-itis. The more you know.
  14. When building and leveling a character, there's a guideline: Main > Mesmer > Others. for the Angry Army Guild, the pattern is a bit skewed: Thief/Ranger/Revenant --> which will evolve into Thief/Druid/Herald > Mesmer --> Chronomancer > Others
  15. My suggestion would be to gather all tier 5 and tier 6 materials; that would help a lot for the guild hall expansions (and to add more toys for Jeb to play with). Gathering nodes that you'd naturally find at level 70 to 80 zones would be of use for us, in the development of the guild hall. Other than that, I can suggest you join in on our guild mission activities when it becomes available; the participation counts for the guild and for you as well. My personal add would be that you could also build your characters up so that they could help the guild when they go explore Fractals and also do Heart of Thorns meta-events (when you have the expac of course), meaning at least exotic gears and trinkets or start working on the ascended gears and trinkets - ascended also would mean your agony resistances. Anyways. No rush on the leveling! We'll always be here waiting for you level 80s to get to that point where you can actively participate and help out the guild. Take your time with the leveling and such. And Blame Jeb. Hahaha. - Senju