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  1. What do you think? Should Joe review them
  2. I'm not very good at these games I always start losing after day 10 any tips. Also which side would you join Republic or CIS I'll be CIS
  3. Cannot wait
  4. Wrex and garrus for me Wrex should of been a full member as this would of been fun also the sluiced mission if only the final level for 3 did this
  5. Same with paragon or renegade as some of those choices were hard to make however ashely or laden was who you liked more
  6. RPGs are full of moments that challenge youre morels or how the game plays So what is the hardest choice you've had to make This isn't part of the question but how do you make polls
  7. Yeah It Bose not have to be long . like angrey joe but 5 mins would be enought per episode as we could hear his view on Jose reviews it would be funney
  8. But the heretics station was going to turn all geth into heretics and the normal geth building a station Also legion said that the geth want to find there own path without influence and that the reaper tech was not allowing them to advance on there own
  9. I understand you're point of view but in ME 2 & 2 legion states that the geth don't leave the veil in fear of the unknown and that they were being caretakers till the quariens returen to rannoch in peace also they were building a station were the whole conscenos would be stored and they could be intelligent but in ME3 the quariens attack this station destroying a number of units with the weapon invented by admiral ven so afterwards there intelligents dimmed and in fear of the quariens destroying them they teamed with the reapers for continued existence and after the code was wiped the geth weakend would of been destroyed but if they were upgraded with the quariens still tie ring they would see them as a threat
  10. LOL But they were forced to rebal Agienst the quariens as they tried to kill them first just because all they asked was bid they have a soul and about what is there purpose Also some of them only fight for the reapers as they saw them as a god when misted wanted peace with organics They only sided with the reapers as the quariens were trying to destroy them and in fear sided with reapers
  11. Mass effect is a brilliant game series at first I was not sure so after the trilogy ended I becied to buy them and I loved every monent
  12. You're right as this big game was so good lets hope they don't ruin it
  13. Why bid you say killing the geth
  14. My favourite moments are Suicide mission ME2 as anything could go wrong Meeting sovergien Fleets arriving to earth as this was an epic cutsceen both high and loe ems Curing the genohage and geth and quarian peace My favourite characters were Wrex Garrus Tail Mordin Legion Jocker And andirson as most human crew members were boring