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  1. Archeage is a new MMO that focuses around three continents set in a mid evil / steam punk environment. There are many things to do in game and is very addicting. Players can form guilds and later, those guilds can claim territory and build a castle (not currently in game but will be soon). Also there is a large focus around class creation. You start off picking 1 or 6 skill sets and at lvl 5 and 10, you get to pick 1 of 10 skill sets which means that there are up to 120 different classes (mines outrider, shadow play + archery + battle rage). You can also farm, own a house, and craft (crafted items are better than loot and store bought items). The game also encourages a player run market and law system where the jury is run by actual players. Earning enough infamy points will get you sent to jail and getting 3000 you will become a pirate. You can also upload your own emblem and put it on cloaks, vehicles, and houses. To sum it up, this game is runescape but fun and better graphics (cryengine 3). So now i will list the 3 pros and 3 cons. Pros: 1. Big focus on character creation 2. Guilds get to claim lands with servers 3. A tab based MMO that is fun (I don't normally play these type of games for long but i haven't been able to play anything else since i started playing Cons: 1. Large queue lines (the server sizes where underestimated and so you can get 3000 queue lines, mainly because of afk players) 2. Bugs (small things but can still be a pain) 3. Patron status (subscription) is required to own land, there is a way around this though But this is just a small taste of this game, I can't describe that game entirely because of how big it is. This is one of those games that you have to try for yourself.