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  1. Mirrors edge was a game that had extraordinary gameplay like no other...but what can we expect to see in the next installment leaving out the matter of fact better graphics
  2. Can u guys get a link where i can custom my pc at a cheapet price
  3. Well imma say straight forward that the NVIDIA TITAN Z loses to thes two cards. I already checked it out and the GTX 690 has a significant 10% increase in frps. Sadly alienware doesnt have any more GTX 690. The TITAN Z and Dual GTX 780 (6GB) are up for grabs. BUTTTT! which card is better. Now i know many of you are gonna jump up and say the titan is better cuz its more expensive and has 12 gbs. No the 780 performs a little bit below the titan....but dualing the cards with 32gb of RAM,i7 core processor will it perform better
  4. Thank god a new elder scrolls is coming out. I dont know what the hell they did wid elder scrolls online. Anyways this game is said to take place in 'Black Marsh'. Not a lot of details are out but i do know it has been confirmed. This game should be cutting edge in the future. ANDDDD!!!! I just god hope we have co op mode in it or some kinda multiplayer thats pleasing. A lotta questions stil like 'Whats the new engine' and whats the new type of enemies here will it be a argonian king? Idk we'l jus have to wait http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/35927/20140905/elder-scrolls-6-confirmed.htm
  5. Angry joe gave destiny a fair 6/10 for Destiny. Now joe hit some points head-on by stating about the repetitive levels and enemy's. Joe specifically kept saying that Bungee did a lazy job with this title. Although it isnt a horrible game,it definitely makes a spot on this year's 'The Most Disappointing Games Of 2014'. So does the army agree with this verdict??? I do
  6. Well after all that waiting sr 5 is confirmed!!
  7. u make a very good point there I really liked how u thought about the idea if BF hardline was a dlc or full game....but yea definately destiny should knock those games out
  8. Graphics modd......If modded i feel it can look jus like future gen console games
  9. This may sound a little awkward but SLY COOPER: THiEVES IN TIME
  10. Well COD ghosts had its ups and downs... so whats Activisions New idea???? Make a futuristic FPS and a graphics jump in games with the teasers....even though they always do that .......anyways will this COD be the best?? or Worst??
  11. GTA 5 can work but its already out...not on xbox 1 but already played.......UMM project CARS is the criterion Game right??
  12. OK OK lol I edited it
  13. ikr But if i were tell an average gamer....they would laugh lol
  14. Hear it is Folks....The Upcoming Games for the future console Killer Instinct Battlefield 5 Hardline Phantom Dust Scalebound Crackdown! Tom Clancy`s The Division The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Rise Of The Tomb Raider Assassin`s Creed Unity Mirror`s Edge 2 Dragon Age Inquisition Sunset Overdrive Forza Horizon 2 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Fable legends Project Spark Ori Blind Forest HALO 5!!!! So the reveals are here...What looks exciting and why???