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  1. This topic got some responses I literally was not expecting. I like many indie games and I play many of them often. Many of them do not hold my attention for too long besides a few games. It's not really about the graphics I understand them being Indie means smaller budgets, but the gameplay is really not unique in alot of cases. There are gems that stand out from the rest for good reason. Has anyone played King Odd Ball for the PS4? That game did not last me more then 30 min till I got bored. At the end of the video I just urge the viewers to look at a review before making a purchase, I usually buy many Indie games as some of them do appeal to me in many ways, but I usually don't play most of them for too long. Not because they're bad but because other games have my attention. I was more focused on the Xbox Homebrew games which arent really that good, most of them are just horrible and they are considered indie.
  2. I give my opinions of indie games in my latest video. Sorry for the start the actual rant in about 50 seconds in the video
  3. I would agree with above. This site has great events and you can easily find your army, your angry army
  4. Just another faliure... they're better off leaving things to steam instead of trying to make their own platform.
  5. sending it now tyolvin1. No more codes avalible! Please close this thread someone!
  6. No problem Signal, enjoy your stay on AJSA Sending now.
  7. I have 3 codes only for PS4! If you have a Ps4 well hurry up and enter these codes! Only thing I ask is to post a reply saying you want it and I'll pm. You must be quick as the codes are very limited. When given the code also would love if you respond on this post thanking me Add me on Psn xx-Stolensoul-xx I'll play with anyone on destiny! #AJSA 4 Life (Closed, all codes have been sent)
  8. This game is really pay to win, I played it extensivly for hours on PC and had to put in money for actual sucess.
  9. With a small playerbase I would rather not invest too much time in the game.
  10. I would be down for some Payday!
  11. I think it'll be cool as a RPG, once you make it a MMO it's too much like DayZ. RPG would be perfect, usually comes with better narative.
  12. This is my first time reviewing a game for my youtube channel and I decided to review Killzone Shadowfall. I need tips on how to improve the quality of these, the voice acting was not up to par as my fiance was pretty shy and she's not used to commentating like I. How was the video footage was it good? What else can I work in?
  13. New Gex Game!
  14. Welcome to the greatest community ever! Feel free to add me anywhere!