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  1. 5 months later .... still broken OH WAIT IT HAS BEEN 6 MONTHS (not even exaggerating check out the original post date of this thread)
  2. Yeah and now Planetside 2 will be out for PS4 which will be the BEST way to play with friends on console (considering it is free to play and promotes teamwork). I can't believe this game just had so bad of a fall down. Can't wait to see what Joe will review this.
  3. Yeah we do just go there and we will help you out with everything.
  4. I think I'll wait for a sale .... 60 dollars man oh man (I've gotten too used to 20 dollar PC games).
  5. I wonder when someone is going to BUILD their own "gaming" laptop. (Yes I know it is extremely hard to fit everything in, actually it is kind of impossible depending on the customization)
  6. we need to do these tests again on the TEST server. I'll inform some of you guys about it later.
  7. So I watched the video of Joe talking about that game and this new gameplay of this heavily hyped game Destiny. Then he says the maximum is only 6 VS. 6. Really guys? Can anybody clear this up for me because right now I feel like the developers just slapped MMO on a 6 vs 6 multiplayer game. I mean I'm not asking for it to be on Planetside 2 scale but COME ON 12 players all together is nothing for me. If I am mistaking my information then I apologize and would gladly love to hear myself get corrected because right now I am pretty upset myself.
  8. I should send this to my mom and see what kind of a response I get.
  9. Yeah bad AI, broken promises and you know an unfinished game that was patched multiple times to fix various bugs. (A lot of other stuff too)
  10. To be honest guys flame topics almost always get out of hand and excessive. It would be a chore to go through some of them especially ones that complain towards others (which probably wouldn't be allowed in the first place). The amount of work to maintain and control it would need quite a bit of attention from the forum moderators. If you want to "rant" about a game try maybe recording it and giving arguments that you can fall back at most times. Some say Angry Joe rants but in my opinion most of his reviews simply contain him listing OBJECTIVE pros and cons about the game. For me rants are complaints or releases of stress that can be heavily exaggerated. Don't get me wrong I rant too, but honestly I think it may be too much in maintenance and more.
  11. It seems to be a on and off issue for me at this point considering I am now getting my FPS at 120 to 100. Soon I'll try enabling smoothing to steady up the FPS.
  12. Ok guys basically this is my problem with the game right now and this is why I feel like I myself am doing something wrong. Please read the video's description and keep in mind my own specs (very similar): He runs it all on Ultra.
  13. Oh yeah I can run Battlefield 3 and other games just fine. This one seems to be .... horrible. To this one I found that my GPU and my CPU tend to bottleneck (more with my CPU though). I did multiple tests to see if my GPU and CPU were not performing correctly and it turns out they were. I guess this game just isn't optimized for an APU and my GPU.
  14. My CPU is an AMD A10-5700. See it was made to be an APU to run graphics as well (Integrated Radeon HD Graphics) but then I upgraded my computer a few months ago to have a dedicated GPU. The Drivers are correct and update from the manufacturer's website (the driver's themselves are actually quite recent too). I know that my CPU isn't the greatest but I certainly shouldn't be getting 30 FPS in an empty warpgate on the LOWEST settings. I have done things like unparking my cores and checking up on my GPU to make sure it was actually running correctly.
  15. Yeah I am getting bad speeds as well man. I myself have a quad core APU running at 3.4 ghz (not overclocked), 12 GB of RAM and an AMD radeon 7770 1 GB of GDDR5 VRAM. I honestly don't understand what it is since I run literally nothing in the background besides Teamspeak and Steam. My bandwith is great and my latency is usually around 60. Anybody know what I may be doing wrong? (Also I have tried lowering graphics down to the max it has little to no affect).