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Everything posted by AnCapDalek1

  1. I love my Vita!! Its one of the best portable console iv ever had! theres great JRPG titles and some fun open world games. Not only that some fun competituve and FPS games like freedom wars and KZ: mercenary!
  2. I was just wondering if anyone is into bitcoin or cryptocurrency. It seems like it's a viable option to get away from fiat and from a private bank that isn't accountable to the people that have to use their useless piece of paper... But that's just my opinion...
  3. not only that i also buy gold, silver, and copper to keep my savings secure and refrained from a tremendous amount of volatility.
  4. Im not going to lie to ya dude. i have the same problem with it too... The reason i still have BTC and instead of other crypto that doesn't have a proof of stake because some people that i work with doesn't an alt currency that can make you have more when you keep the crypto for a certain amount of time. and ATM im selling my BTC to vericoin so i can keep my money without losing its value and make it more stable
  5. Such wow! i Forgot about my favorite tipping coin! XD
  6. As a bitcoin owner, I can defiantly understand your opinion. But there is allot of other Alternative cryptocurrencies that have better security and much safer than bitcoin. i.e. Litecoin, Blackcoin, Darkcoin, Peercoin, Vericoin, ETC.
  7. Aside from my lackluster introduction, i'm the AnCapDalek and i am libertarian. I believe in universal non-violence and self ownership. I also like video game! But! At the moment i only have a PS Vita and my PC can't even load a YouTube video. So yea....... on a positive note, i might be trying to get a PS3 or a PS4 so then i can play MMO and FPS games. I herd of the angry army before but i just forgot about it. Some time later i was watching one of the update videos on my PS Vita and here i am! I'm also into bitcoin and cryptocurrency! So if you guys want to talk about that just hit me up and lets tak days about that! And a special thank you to the admins and Angry Joe for making this possible! In Liberty, AnCapDalek