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  1. I would like to enter some of the events!! I am ToxicZombie red on xbox live
  2. I can play with u
  3. 2:20 PM CST
  4. hype!!
  5. I am a type of person who just do stuff with music but i got robbed and now my Vmoda LP2 are gone. So I need help with Headphone recommendation. I listen to mostly gang rap and other music. https://soundcloud.com/xxtzrxx/sets/xlhardcore . I have also a budget of $200 american dollars. I dont know if i should get the LP2 again (since they are more expensive) or change to Audio techinca. I just want a pair of headphones that i can go outside with with out any problem.
  6. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/servers.html Enter the Ip address, the password will be told in TS3. So make sure you join our TS3
  7. Start Playing Now!!
  8. Welcome to the Army!!
  9. I have that problem too. i try not to watch other people play, but I have to watch in order to see if the game is actually good. I am just saying.
  10. Sorry for the miss information but it held this Sunday 8/2/15 at 4PM EST
  11. What you guys feel about Widows 10? For me feel like 9/10 because of the bugs, but overall, I think is great since i came form Widows 7. Also, I notice that my PC is running games better. Like GTA V, I used to get 45 FPS, but now with Widows 10, I am getting 65 FPS.
  12. playing every day is going to be your enemy if you play competitive in cs:go because they take out your rank if you dont play
  13. Thanks for the notice
  14. Welcome to the army This is what we do http://www.twitch.tv/sargefan19/v/8436081 skip to: 59:30