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  1. ooo a new JP sounds interesting I haven't logged in the game yet so might as well check it out when I do ^^
  2. Races; human, charr, sylvari, asura and norn have little to no impact on visibility nor mobility on a character in Guild Wars 2 as a whole. They only give the kind of cosmetic look on how you want your toon to be and only have impact on the Personal Stories. Yes they have different jumping animation particularly between asura and all the other races but it has no impact on mobility. It is completely of a different agenda. In terms of visibility, it depends on how you use a certain race on the end games (PvP, WvW or PvE) Of course visibility has no effect on PvE and WvW. Normally an enemy blob or server would call you by your WvW rank. And for PvE...well...it's players vs npc mobs. No further explanation needed. For PvP, it would have a slight effect. Why do I say so? Well survivability is a primary thing which contributes to your success in PvP. And what I meant by survivability here is your visibility. Lower visibility improves survivability as they won't notice you until you hit them. I'll just quote from some anonymous person's perspective below :- As for your previous question about "Tell me, do Humans have the same good mobility as Asura (I see Elementalists have to be mobile, I can't just stand on one play and cast...)?" Humans and asura does have the same mobiliy. As I play an elementalist class mainly (I play both human and asura class on elementalist but I deleted my asura way back in the days), there is no such thing as standing in one place and casting. Yes there are spells that requires you to stand in one place in order to complete a skill such as fire elemental attunement skill no. 5 which is the meteor shower but normally as elementalist you need to be more mobile and be able to quickly react to dodges while performing spell cast and switching from one attunement set to another for a perfect skill combo. You can move about while casting spells. It all takes practice to learn how to be able to perform all of that trick. There are certain tricks and tips to casting spells that requires standing on one spot and how to get out of the spot after performing certain skills without letting yourself getting onto a downed state by an enemy mob's AoE. Mobility is only affected by certain class professions such as thieves (shortbow skills and dagger heartseeker skill), warriors (sword leap skill and greatsword), Guardians (Greatsword skill, Staff symbol skill + shouts utility along with traits, some utilities that enables you to leap to enemies or allies) and elementalists (particularly the elite skill, firey Greatsword). Other classes do have mobilities trait/skills but they are not as effective as the listed classes above. For the other classes not listed above they usually depend on other classes for swiftness such as guardian's staff symbol and elementalist area switfness combo skills. Now I will not talk about combo skills as these seem fairly complicated for you to understand and it would take another half a page to explain when you can check it out on the wiki page. I hope I sum up all of your questions. Lastly, I'm deeply sorry for the wall of text there.
  3. LOL that's a lot of effort. Touch my banner boost workers! Speed up the construction plesh.
  4. It's real :DDDDD
  5. LOL MEL! I hope you enjoy the game and play with everyone else in the community ^^
  6. ooo everyone is looking fabulous Here's my main toon *I know I'm bad at screenshots but here*
  7. Although...I'm still waiting for my recruitment badge >.> what happened to it
  8. It's a farewell to everyone from both of us It's been great to know everyone through hardships and the fun time, although as time goes by, it's time for us to move on and focus on more important things like our love life Thank you AA for being a great support to both oki and I, thank you to everyone whom has dedicated their time and morale to expanding the guild, thank you to all for being a part of the AJSA family. Last but not least, congratulations again to both yodo and khan We trust that we picked the right people for the right job, we just knew both of you could do it!
  9. Well then my friend, I cannot help you with that, apologies, however a staff member from NA should respond to this soon, hopefully, good luck
  10. Hi there Dowsemeke Can I know from which server are you on? Is it NA or EU? To enlighten you, as a fellow asian I feel your pain too, due to the time differences we tend to miss out on the big events of the guild, but it did not hinder me of joining and hanging out with our guildmates My timezone is even worse, 4pm gmt GM on EU = 1 am my time as I live in Brunei and I can't attend GMs because I have work the next day or is simply too tired to stay up too late. If you are from the EU server, there is a chance that the guild mission server time will be added because it is still under discussion to have 2 runs per week. Further confirmation will be informed at a future date.
  11. Moshik_ba and XmetalliccoX invited, welcome to AA! We hope you enjoy your stay
  12. algoda and omriattal invited! Welcome to the Angry Army We hope you enjoy your stay ^^