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  1. the single player campaign is great but the online is a bit disapointing
  2. 666% for just one game is insane! Glad to see Nintendo doing well with this game, I just wish that they had games like this since launch.
  3. I would love this i just got back into the game and could really use a reliable league to run the harder content. Just one question: If this does get supported would it be heroes only or both heroes and villains?
  4. Mario rehashing is not nearly as bad as call of duty getting released every six months, but Nintendo should try spin-off making more spin-offs from their other ips aside from mario and zelda, or they should create brand new ips.
  5. i don't see why she shouldn't be in smash since they are putting Roselina who has really only appeared in four games and that's it, while daisy has been in most of the sports games and party games.
  6. there were no ads on that video therefore it was not monetized, beside youtube has by far one of the worst communities. The sheer number of rude and brain dead people in the comment section just astounds me.
  7. idk no one can say for sure how you would react if put in this situation. An Xbox one is expensive and i would be pretty pissed if i just got one and then it got burned.
  8. Well Machinima did sellout to microsoft so they can only say good things about the xbone.
  9. its just a rumor. Honestly, it would be a really bad for nintendo to just scrap the wii u and force another console on us especially when some of us already have the wii u. If they do go this route, they risk repeating the same mistake sega made.
  10. Its ok i guess as far as i'm concerned anyway. I'm sure problems will arise when more people are aware of the changes. the only complain really is that they keep change the layout too frequently.
  11. Kingdom Hearts and the metal gear solid series.
  12. I'll have to wait and see. I'm planning on getting Smash Bros first but when this game comes out I might pick it up.
  13. Ok so I'm trying to decide which controller I should get for my wii U. Should I get a Wii Classic Controller Pro which is backwards compatible with the original wii. Or should I get the wii U pro Controller which feels more like a Xbox 360 controller.
  14. It's a good console and the gamepad is innovated, give it some time and it might sell better. The problem is that it's not advertised well and there aren't that many games out for it right now.
  15. The only 3rd party game that i can think of is Zombi U. Other than that get a wii u for the nintendo games.